These treats are staples of Halloween celebrations

Kids can’t celebrate Halloween without asking neighbors “Trick or treat?” Pranks might be part and parcel of Halloween, but treats are what many goblins and ghouls anticipate the most come October 31.

Youngsters are not the only ones who look forward to the sweets that are synonymous with Halloween. Adults also indulge their sweet tooths on Halloween. The following are some treats that simply must be part of all the fiendish festivities this Halloween.

• Candy: The National Confectioners Association estimated that, in 2018, Halloween would generate $9 billion in candy sales. In fact, the NCA notes that Halloween, despite being just a single day, accounts for about 8 percent of annual confectionary sales. To say that trick-or-treaters and other Halloween celebrants would be disappointed if candy was not part of Halloween celebrations would be an understatement. 

• Chocolate: Chocolate often finds its way into candy bars, but chocolate also can stand on its own, especially on Halloween. In its U.S. Food Market Outlook 2018 report, the market research firm Packaged Facts found that the Halloween season is the fourth most lucrative season of the year for chocolate sales. Celebrants who don’t have any chocolate to offer this Halloween may find themselves on the receiving end of a few tricks.

• Candied apples: Each Halloween, candied apples reappear. Though rarely seen throughout the rest of the year, candied apples are perhaps an ideal treat for Halloween, which occurs right in the heart of apple-picking season.

• Pumpkin seeds: Carving jack-o’-lanterns is a beloved Halloween tradition in many households. If yours is a home where pumpkin seeds are typically discarded, this year you can consider making better use of them by eating them. Pumpkin seeds are great sources of fiber, and the World Health Organization notes that they have long been a great source of zinc. Roasted pumpkin seeds make for a great and nutritious snack when turning ordinary pumpkins into scary jack-o’-lanterns.

Food is a big part of Halloween, and certain items simply must be a part of the culinary experience on this beloved holiday.