Honda’s Passport Trail Sport model excels


This week’s car review features the new Honda Passport Trail Sport that can be enjoyed as an off-road vehicle with 8.1 inches of road clearance.  This is a powerful all-wheel drive model with a V6-3.5L engine producing 280 horsepower.  Average all-around 21 mph. in fuel consumption with a 9-speed versatile transmission. 

While useful for off-road driving, especially in Colorado mountains, this  vehicle can interest outdoor enthusiasts.  With rugged tires, a roof rack, and large cargo space, the Passport is ready to head to the mountains.

However,  it drives wonderfully well on the freeways with precise steering and V6 energy, and comfortable leather seats.  This is an SUV for normal service along with being equipped for mountain adventures.

The price of $44,650 is comparable to other brands fully equipped with the latest electronic and safety features.  The cameras offers a view for rear traffic and overall safety. The Passport has earned an overall five-star safety rating from the Highway Safety Rating Commission.

The Passport has final assembly in Lincoln, Alabama and the parent Honda company is number four in sales in America in 2022. 

Honda has led American sales for the past five years with Civic and Accord among millennial and Gen Z buyers. The newly redesigned Ridgeline trucks are popular among  young male buyers.

The Passport has made a solid contribution to Honda SUV sales as seven of the top 10 trade-ins for Passports are Honda vehicles, according to Honda statistics.

The 2022 Passport has a feeling of strength and safety in motion.  The V6 engine can tow 5000 pounds and carry five passengers.  No worries about the weather with all-season tires and all-wheel drive.

Powerful, and fast, the Passport can reach 60 mph in 6.5 seconds.

It  won’t have any trouble climbing a mountain or the radar cruise control keeping a steady pace in today’s fast-moving traffic.

Nice SUV; good company.