THE EYES HAVE IT – Europe and America may be facing a long cold winter

While it is still summer, cold temperatures are coming, and record energy prices and shortages portend a long cold winter. Leaders in France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy are warning their citizens of suffering ahead and a future run of difficult winters.

America is in similar dire straits. 22,000 Colorado homes lost control of their thermostats recently as Denver 7 News reported. “Thousands of Xcel customers in Colorado tried adjusting their thermostats Tuesday, they learned they had no control over the temperatures in their own homes.”

This wasn’t a price hike in one’s electricity bill but the electric utility simply turning off the air conditioning during the 90-degree day citing an “energy emergency.” Should Europe and America expect more of the same during the last days of summer and again in winter? What if Coloradans lose control of their thermostats during a 10-degree winter day? What can go wrong when the government controls energy?

Summer heat is annoying, but winter cold is deadly. A study published in The Lancet found, “Cold weather is 20 times as deadly as hot weather.” This report reinforced up a U.S. study from the National Center for Health Statistics, which found that, “cold kills more than twice as many Americans as heat.”

California faces similar problems which their proposed solution would only worsen. Look at these two contradictory Newsweek headlines less than a week apart. On August 25, “As California bans new gas car sales by 2035, which states could be next?” Six days later, on August 31, Newsweek, without a bit of irony, ran this headline, “Californians told not to charge electric cars days after gas car sales ban.”

California currently has 18 million registered automobiles, with 13 percent plug in electric. California can’t charge 2 million electric vehicles during hot or cold weather. How will this work when there are 18 or 20 million electric vehicles? Will Colorado institute the same insanity as California?

Why is the developed world facing such a mess? As Fox Business observed, “Experts blame green energy policies for Europe’s full-scale energy crisis: A warning to the US.” Elon Musk was blunter in his assessment saying, “Civilization will crumble” without oil and gas. Is the “crumbling civilization” a bug or a feature of the West’s green energy push?

Europe, and much of the West, is paying the price for their leaders listening to climate scolds including Al Gore, now King Charles, and Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg. Trying to outwoke each other, Europe made the decision to “go green”, thinking they could redefine the laws of physics and nature.

Now we have Germans collecting firewood to heat their homes, much as they did centuries ago. And Poles waiting on days long lines for coal for necessary heat during the chilly upcoming winter. 

Sanctions against Russian energy over the Ukraine war aren’t helping matters. Russia is laughing all the way to the bank, having myriad other customers for her massive energy resources, while Europe is paving the way to a long cold lonely winter through poor energy policy decisions.

While Europe and America tilt at windmills, everyone should bundle up and collect firewood as they prepare for a long cold lonely winter.