LETTERS 9-15-22

CHV sales tax is out of date

The Cherry Hills Village sales tax code is out of date and out of step with today’s world. Adopted in 1985, it reflects the law at that time and required a business to be within Village boundaries for sales tax purposes. The growth of online shopping, with home delivery, has changed the retail environment. That’s the reason the Supreme Court saw a need to change the law in 2018 (Wayfair v. South Dakota) and authorize retail sales taxes on internet purchases. 

Even though Cherry Hills doesn’t currently tax internet sales, some vendors are collecting a “tax” and sending the money to the City. This has created a confusing situation because the City doesn’t know what purchasers paid the tax and the vendors are indifferent or believe they’re doing what they’re supposed to do. None of this is happening by any design or action of the City, but it does require a response. This confusion can be eliminated if we clean up the sales tax code by approving ballot measure 2A. 

Today over 200 Colorado municipalities have joined a new State run sales tax system and collect sales taxes on internet purchases. This system gives an online merchant the exact tax information based on the purchasers delivery address. The current tax code does not allow Cherry Hills Village to participate in this system, to the detriment of all, but approving 2A will authorize joining this system. 

We need to clean up the code to fix this problem. This sales tax revenue can take pressure off the property tax and help make sure we get the level and quality of services we want from Cherry Hills Village. Vote YES ON 2A to clean up the code.

Alex Brown
Cherry Hills Village

Mark will be an outstanding Arapahoe County Commissioner

Mark is Mark! To his wife, Elizabeth, he is the ultimate, caring, loving, faithful husband. To his children, having been a “stay-at-home father,” he is the epitome of the 21st century, all-time Dad. To the community, Mark Gotto exemplifies integrity, compassion, forthright “get the job done” commitment. While serving as a City Councilman in Centennial, Mark Gotto was the shining star who listened to his constituents, did his research, worked as a team player and always had a “get the job done” attitude. Mark will be an outstanding Arapahoe County Commissioner and an irreplaceable asset to the Board.

Kathy Turley