PMS to MENOPAUSE – Part 1 of 4 [Part 1-Endometriosis and Uterine Cancer]

After 10 years, Margaret and her husband had their PhDs and tenures at our local university and were ready to start a family.  However, seeking answers to why Margaret was not getting pregnant at age 31 resulted in her being medically diagnosed with Endometriosis and Pre-Cancerous Uterine Tissue, AND being told a hysterectomy was her only option.  However, for this educated couple, that was the last resort so they began to inquire as to other options and were referred to me.  

Because of her pre-cancerous diagnosis, I informed Margaret that I would only accept her case if her gynecologist agreed that her life would not be at risk by her postponing the hysterectomy for at least three months…knowing, generally, that is the least amount of time needed to grow new healthy uterine cells and tissue.   

Her gynecologist agreed, and I provided the therapeutic nutrients (aka Clinical Nutrition Therapy) indicated by a Clinical Nutrition Analysis (CNA) of her Laboratory Reports from testing her biochemistry.  

Two months later, Margaret’s gynecologist called her in for a hysterectomy pre-exam, which revealed no Endometriosis and her uterine tissue was healthy, with new pink uterine skin cells growing, and no sign of cancer.   Margaret was delighted to cancel the hysterectomy.

One month later, I gave Margaret more GOOD NEWS! – i.e., after three months in Clinical Nutrition Therapy, as expected, her latest clinical nutrition evaluation indicated that her healing was sufficient for her and her husband to start actively pursuing their plans for a family. 

How did Margaret develop Endometriosis and pre-cancerous uterine tissue?  Have you or someone you know received these same diagnoses and were told a hysterectomy was your only alternative?  

Whether you are interested in healing as Margaret has or simply preventing the above from happening to you or a loved one, you must first understand the three phases in a woman’s menstruating cycle, four phases if you count the five-day bleeding period of menstruation, which are:  

1) The Follicular Phase, where Estrogen levels are elevated to make eggs, begins on the first day of menstruation and ends on the first day of the 2) Ovulation Phase where the eggs are released and the 3) Luteal Phase that develops the fetus (baby) begins at the end of Ovulation through the first day of the next Follicular Phase. 

During the 10-17 days of Ovulation, the signal to lower the Estrogen level to stop the production of more eggs occurs when there is a simultaneous elevation of Progesterone, which develops the egg into a fetus (baby) if the male’s sperm has mated with the egg.  If not, the undeveloped eggs are released from the body through the bleeding days of menstruation.  

ADVERSE EFFECTS OF SOME BIRTH CONTROL:  However, when a woman’s birth control method blocks or inhibits the elevation of Progesterone in the Luteal Phase,  the high levels of Estrogen continue to produce more and more eggs, every day for months and years, until that method of birth control is discontinued.  

The uterus then becomes so overloaded with eggs, that it cannot release them all through menstruation.  So, these excessive amounts of eggs attach to the endometrial lining where, in time, the eggs decay (rot) and infect the endometrial tissue, which is called “Endometriosis,” until years of rotting eggs inflaming endometrial tissue leads to “Cancer” within the uterus. 

EXCESSIVE BLEEDING?  After the average five days of menstruation, do you or someone you know experience breakthrough bleeding, spotting, or prolonged menstrual bleeding that may last for weeks or longer?  In Part 2 of this 4-Part article series, I will explain the causes of and healthy clinical nutrition solutions to excessive bleeding. 

NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE, whether you are menstruating, have had a partial or complete hysterectomy OR you are in menopause, please read all four parts of this article so you can see the whole picture and so you can share this information with your family and friends.  

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