2022 Volkswagen Jetta has turbo power


I’m very familiar with Volkswagen vehicles, going back to the Beetle models, long may they be revered.  The 2022 Volkswagen Jetta is quite an upgrade from Jetta’s of the past.

The Jetta model driven recently was sporty with a six-speed stick shift with 1.5L 158 hp engine with turbocharging.  Nothing like driving a stick shift with adequate power and choice of gears.  It was a fun drive on mountain roads and handled well.  Fuel economy average over 27 mpg.  However,  the fun ended in city traffic with constant gear shifting, stopping and starting, and clutching constantly.

The Jetta comes in various models. I would choose the automatic transmission.  Prices start in the low $21,000 range and climb towards $30,000.  This is an economical smaller sedan, but has good cabin space, great windshield view, and a large trunk.  The design of the Jetta is modern, sleek, and expensive in appearance.

It rides nicely on 17” wheels and corners confidently, riding on strut suspension, and torsion beams.  The car gives visual advice on what gear to use for maximum fuel economy.  Safety rating was not given, but the car comes with the forward collision safety features, blind spot warnings, radar stop and go cruise options. However,  gears must be downshifted in accordance with speeds.  I’ve found in driving many Volkswagens third gear has the best versatility.

The vehicle has famous German heritage and solid dealer support.  The front wheel drive works well on slick roads but is not as useful as an all-wheel drive on more expensive vehicles.

Overall the Jetta is a good commuter, especially on open roads; capable of achieving higher fuel mileage driven conservatively.  The sport feeling of driving a turbo-power stick shift is appealing to younger drivers who like acceleration and the fun of having to really drive a vehicle.  The Jetta is an economy car to be driven and enjoyed by both young and old, especially youthful.