As I mentioned in my previous article, one of my goals this summer is to take advantage of Colorado’s excellent state. While Arizona is great, I know I will miss the Rocky Mountains, so continue reading for some fun ideas on great summer activities.

The first activity is the most straightforward, most common, and my favorite- going on (as Tik Tok has been calling it) Hot Girl (or boy) Walk. This means grabbing your water, putting on your headphones, turn on your favorite podcast, and taking a walk. I love to walk around the canal and see the pretty nature. My recent favorite podcasts are “MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth,”

“Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain,” and “What We Said.” These podcasts are very relatable and funny, and with the right voice, I could stay on my walk forever!

The next activity on my list is going to Red Rocks. While this venue might be known for its amazing concerts, you can also workout there during the day and go to Movies on the Rocks!

Sometimes, it’s easy to go crazy in our houses, especially during the summer, so making the drive is worth it. If you haven’t been to the rocks yet, it’s time to go!

The third activity is to drive down to Coor’s Field for a Rockie’s game! Tickets are a wide range of prices each day depending on where you sit. No matter what your interests are, everything is offered here. From good food to baseball and pretty views- it’s the perfect activity for a lovely summer day.

Next on the list is to get a few friends together and make a picnic outside. Whether it’s a park or your backyard, anything works! I love to go to my local grocery store and get snacks to share and a fun picnic rug. This makes for a great photo opportunity and a good time!

My fifth idea is to go to Boulder for the day. The home of the CU Buffs is such a special place. There’s fantastic food, shopping, and other outdoor activities offered here. Although it’s a farther drive, the activities are endless!

This list could go on forever, but my final idea is a hike, specifically Saint Mary’s Glacier.

I’m not a big hiker, but my family made the trek to this beautiful sight two years ago. I loved how the hike was a workout but not impossible, and you ended with a beautiful view of the lake and the glacier.

Colorado is amazing and I am so sad to leave, but I am forever grateful for all of the time here!