BARBWIRE BOB- A Living Legend

“God Bless the queen,” as the venerable monarch celebrates her 70th jubilee anniversary of serving the British Empire as queen.   Elizabeth ll, now 96, has been an exemplary leader of a once vast kingdom that was the greatest  empire on earth stretching over three continents led by her historic predecessors.

At CSU, decades ago, I took a five-hour class of “English History.”

The textbook was thick. The history of the British Empire was vast with many kings and queens being very impressive and complicated.       

Needless to say, America has had a “love,” and “hate” relationship with the “Brits,” and we helped save their lands against Hitler’s  threatening Nazi regime.  We were supplying supplies to England but had not entered the war until after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Had Hitler invaded the British Isles, instead of Russia, world history might have changed dramatically.  However, Hitler surmised that the United States would defend England, but would not defend Russia.

It is philosophically interesting to see the reverence and respect for the Queen and the royal family.  The queen has earned the love and admiration of her nation; it will be interesting to see what happens when Charles becomes king and when his reign ends.  

Our founding fathers did not want a monarchy and President George Washington was offered a Kingship that he declined.

The framers of our Constitution then wanted a democracy where the people-controlled leadership, not by birth and royal decree, but by the ballot box from a citizen led government.  So, they created a “Republic” where we elect our leaders who represent us through our political parties on local, state and federal levels.

Going back to English history, under the Kings and Queens, the British Isles empire flourished and expanded across the globe. Military-led expansions were ongoing as world boundaries were established by armies.  The British monarchy started to decline when more nations sought independence like the United States.

Gandhi led his Indian countrymen to the sea to mine precious salt and his supporters joined him in overthrowing  British rule.  The Brits  abandoned today’s United Emirates where there were only tribes living with sheep and camels.  Oil was discovered after the British left the UAE in the 1940s and today the seven-states are among the wealthiest in the world.  The last abandonment was Hong Kong that was turned over to the Chinese, even with an agreement to have some local independence. The English are almost out of foreign real estate and the some Irish citizens would like unification of the “Emerald Island.”

History reveals many wars over religion, the endless brutal crusades to the Middle East to free Jerusalem that lasting for centuries.

We salute the queen to a shared British national anthem with just a change in words, not melody.  That reminds us of our shared heritage and respect for each sovereign nation.   

If there is a lingering message from the queen it is that people like strong leadership, dedication to duty, and protecting borders.  When these principles start to falter, the nation starts to decline.

Seems to be a pretty clear  portrait of the past, present, and future flowing from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.  “Long Live the queen” and her testimony, courage, and endless dedication.

What if George Washington had become a king?