OP-ED – A PAC’s involvement in the Greenwood Village election

BY Dave Bullock
Greenwood Village City Councilmember  

The Greenwood Village City Council election is now over and I am quite certain that most everyone is happy about that.  This was the most dishonest and distasteful City election that I have witnessed in the 32 years we have lived here and I hope we never experience it again.  While most Council elections are spirited, none have sunk to a level of lies and false claims as this one.  

There was an unprecedented involvement from an outside Political Action Committee (PAC) organized by Meg Froelich, a Colorado state legislator and partially funded by out-of-state donors.  Her specific purpose was to flip the majority of Council so they would support the state’s legislative agenda.  Meg was publicly vocal in opposing the Council’s referendum to provide our police force with financial indemnity after the legislature stripped it away.  

The PAC, called “Future Forward Colorado” supported seven candidates in all four districts of the City.  They sent multiple smear campaign mailers against every incumbent full of deceitful claims and outright falsehoods.  

Their candidates were 0 for 7; they lost every race.  The results of the election confirmed that the residents of this community did not accept the PAC’s dishonest and unethical attacks and of their attempt to change the values of Greenwood Village. 

The core issue in all this was the Council’s unwavering support of our police force.  The state legislature has passed some laws and have tried to pass others that would make our state a more dangerous place to live.  A simple Google search will reveal that violent crime has risen significantly in cities where local elected officials have either called to defund the police or have removed much of their authority to enforce the law.  

Many police forces operating under elected officials that will not stand behind them are experiencing significant personnel shortages and they cannot find enough qualified officers to fill those positions.  Our neighboring city Aurora has 200 openings on their police force and Minneapolis, a city where their Council has called to defund the police, has over 400 openings.

Conversely, Greenwood Village has a full police force with a steady stream of qualified applicants.  Many of those officer applicants have said that the reason they want to work in our community is because of the public support from our Council.  

The Bible says, “by their fruits, ye shall know them.”  What that means is look at the results and you will know if something is good or bad or if it works or does not.  Greenwood Village continues to be one of the safest places to live and work in the state while other cities are experiencing a rise in violent crime.  What we are doing is working.  

The results of our election overwhelmingly confirms that the people of our Village agree with and support our positions.  As a state legislator who is supposed to represent the people of Greenwood Village, Meg Froelich should listen more to the will of the people and vote accordingly.