All good things come to an end. And just around the corner is another exciting adventure! 9 hours before I retired as a City Councilwoman, I was offered an opportunity to, once again, make a difference. For some time now, I have been very disillusioned with our media points and the various places where we get information with a myriad of different opinions. Who to believe? So much fear and negativity. Are we having fun yet? Let’s change this up. Let’s have a conversation and share stories. Stories that are informative, intriguing, breathtaking and entertaining. Join me on my new adventure as I write a weekly column for The Villager!

Kathy Turley & Robyn Carnes

Last weekend, the City of Centennial retired another Councilwoman and welcomed a “new kid on the block,” ready and anxious to serve. Robyn Carnes will be an asset to the team, vivacious and eager to learn, assimilate and make a difference in our community. She represents the youthful perspective that is so desperately needed in this aging population. I never thought I would ever admit that “I can see myself in sweet Robyn’s eyes of myself long ago.” Welcome Robyn to the team!

Now a few words from the retiree…

As I reflect back on the last 8 years as a city councilwoman, I am grateful for the small part I have had in the “birthing” of our city. I am grateful for the learning curve and how much I have learned about city issues: roads, transportation, trails, neighborhoods, community development, broadband initiatives and economic development… and most recently…exploring affordable and attainable housing. I don’t know if I’ve made a difference – you always hope that maybe you have…maybe a little. I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to try.Let’s have a conversation. There is so much good happening right now. Centennial is moving on and so am I.

I delivered my farewell comments

Kathy Turley is a former City Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Centennial