Credibility is Key

I was a trial attorney for 25 years.  In law school I was taught that to persuade a judge or jury, you must always protect your credibility.  Spending time in court and watching other attorneys lose theirs made this teaching come to life.  This is even true for newspaper opinion writers.

In his opinion piece entitled Another Colorado Mass Shooting, Dr. Joondeph describes the King Soopers shooter by stating, “The Boulder shooter is 21-year old Ahmad al-Issa, a Syrian born college student, who arrived in the US via an Obama-era asylum program.”  I don’t know what point Joondeph was trying to make, but he destroyed his credibility with that statement.  It’s true that al-Issa emigrated from Syria, but it was in 2002, long before Obama’s presidency.  See Washington Post, March 28;  Denver’s CBS4, March 25; CNN, March 24; and many other sources.

Robert Steiert
Cherry Hills Village