LETTERS 9-29-22

Congratulations to the Villager

I just learned from Freda about the 13 CPA awards that The Villager just earned.  Congratulations to you and all your staff!  Pretty amazing considering the size of your paper.  We (residents of CHV, GV and surrounding area) are fortunate to have The Villager keeping us informed and engaged.  Again, congrats!


Earl Hoellen 

Confident in Mark Gotto

I was elected Arapahoe County Commissioner in 2016 and took office in 2017. Commissioner Nancy Sharpe provided valuable guidance to me as a new elected official. She taught me how to be responsive to citizens, how to weigh the pro’s and con’s of land use decisions or law enforcement budgeting in the county, and how to have civil discussions with fellow commissioners “across the aisle” in a productive fashion.  Along with many of her constituents in district 2, I owe her a debt of gratitude for her many years of dedicated public service.  If you agree with me that Commissioner Nancy Sharpe did a fantastic job in office, I invite you to meet Mark Gotto who is a candidate for her seat on the Board of County Commissioners. Over the last few years, I have met with Mark on a frequent basis and now I understand how he earned her endorsement in the upcoming November election. Nothing I say can, or should, sway how you vote this year. Check out his website. Meet him yourself and decide if he deserves your vote.  I’m confident he will impress you with his desire to serve, his ability to understand complex issues and his collaborative attitude.  Sound familiar? The citizens of Arapahoe County Commissioner District 2 deserve the same degree of public service, responsiveness and dedication that they are accustomed to.  Mark Gotto.

Jeff Baker
Arapahoe County
Commissioner District 3