BARBWIRE BOB – 9-29-22

I’m still laughing and almost crying over the Bronco game Sunday night against the San Francisco 49ers.  How did we ever win that game?  Well, it was the final effort of our new QB, Russell Wilson, who started to shake off the aging rust and ran well with the ball.  I don’t think those runs were in the coach’s playbook as he manipulates his computer on the sideline.  Yes, I like the coach, despite his lack of knowledge on when to call time-outs saving crucial minutes and seconds on the score clock.


Kudos to the team defense that came alive in the second half to destroy the 49’s defense.  The team shows great promise with a “Rookie” coach and a very veteran Super Bowl champ.  I liked that QB Wilson kept urging his teammates onward as the offense floundered forward most of the game until Wilson started to run the ball.  It wasn’t Wilson’s fault that those receivers kept dropping passes.   

I think we may have a championship team starting to emerge.

It appears that coach Nathanial Hackett is calling the plays and after the game Wilson praised the young coach for some of the calls.

I’ve been following football most of my life from a junior and senior high school player to being a Bronco fan for decades.  I have season tickets that are in the 700 numbers.  I am also a big fan of the Cherry Creek Bruins, who isn’t… except maybe Valor.

Let me call your attention to our “Best Sports Column” writer, Denny Dressman, who just won first place for his weekly column in The Villager.  The contest was judged by the Michigan State Press Association.  Denny knows sports after writing for The Rocky Mountain News for 25 years and publishing multiple books on baseball.  Note his book ads in The Villager that can be ordered online from Amazon, a good Christmas present.

A funny side note… I’ve become a fan of the new “House of Dragons” HBO series that follows the award-winning “Game of Thrones” episodes.  HBO spent a billion dollars on the new series, and it appears to be a good investment.  Sometimes hard to understand the plot as the cast changes fast as the years jump forward. The episode is about the seven kingdoms, 200 years prior to the “Game of Thrones” trilogy in the Seven Kingdoms.

I think the theme song of “Fire and Ice” might well describe the Bronco game Sunday night. The sixth episode of “House of Dragons” occurred  the same time as the Bronco game.  The show is so complicated that I didn’t want to miss all of the action, so I was constantly flipping back and forth to see who was having babies next.

The cast seemed to age considerably in the last program, but the saga moves onward with the political intrigue of who will become the next king, or queen, of the Iron Throne Kingdom.

I will think of “Fire and Ice” as the Broncos travel to Las Vegas for the Raider game next Sunday.  Who will be king?  

Can the Broncos be enthroned once again?