LETTERS – 6-30-22

Accountability will provide Equitable Education

 My wife and I had the opportunity to attend the ACE Scholarship Luncheon a couple of weeks ago. The theme was “Saving the American Student”, and the guest speaker was former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  The event was incredibly impactful on many levels.  Foremost, the work ACE does to provide scholarships and access to a better education is beyond life changing for the student and their family.  It would also not be a stretch to say there is a positive impact on their community.  

But what I keep coming back to over the past couple of weeks is why in the United States of America aren’t ALL our children receiving the absolute BEST education possible?  How are we as the United States of America with all our resources not turning out children and young adults that are capable, confident, curious, and hopeful?  How is school choice not a given for each and every student?  We are failing our children and in turn our futures.  The ripple effects a poor and misguided education system will have on our future here at home and abroad will become disastrously apparent all too soon.  

 The education system here in Colorado is set up under local control.  What that means is that the local school boards are responsible for the education of our children within their district.  The school boards are failing.   They must be held accountable.  The unions and associations that claim to be working for and in the best interest of our children have failed.  No one is taking responsibility, but those in charge are happy to point their fingers to the parents or to not receiving enough public funding.  

My name is Tom Kim and I have two daughters in Cherry Creek public schools. I am invested in making sure ALL our kids receive the best education possible. 

Tom Kim