50 Years and growing

Submitted by Kathy Turley

It was dark on April 8, 1972, when 250 guests were sitting in Christ The King Catholic Church waiting for the bride and groom to light their candles and for the celebration to begin. Musicians were anticipating their next song and Father waited patiently for his part in the nuptials to start. 

The couple approached the altar to light their candles, unaware and unprepared for what was about to happen. 

As the bride turned around to address the congregation, her veil caught on fire. Calmly, not waiting a minute, the groom grabbed her veil and put out the fire. Later in the evening, one of the guests noticed the veil was burnt in a perfect heart shape. 

Believing and professing a personal foundation principle that “there are no coincidences in life, and that everything happens for as reason,” the bride shared the following personal testimony: The bride’s mother’s birthday was on Valentine’s Day and although she had passed away many years before, the couple were convinced that she was at the wedding. Along with the Holy Spirit, and this was her sign of approval. 

The couple’s firstborn came two weeks early prophetically on Valentine’s Day!

This is our story! We were blessed and hope you have been blessed, as well.

Fast forward 50 years

On April 8, Tim and Kathy Turley celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary at St Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church in Denver. Monsignor Ken Leoni, who married the couple 50 years ago, in 1972, was the celebrant at the renewal Mass. The couple’s three children, Sean, Mary Kathryn and Bridgette, along with three grandchildren and 80 of their dearest friends attended the celebration. 

In the wedding party were the four men, called “the unholy four,” who grew up together and attended St Francis High School in Mountain View, Calif. Two of them traveled from opposite sides of the country to share in the momentous occasion. A grand celebration culminated at the Indulge Bistro Restaurant in the Streets of Southglenn.