KINDLING – Time to lighten up

Airlines are commencing international flights and the U.S. has opened our doors to incoming tourists.  While COVID-19 still rages, Americans have less fear as vaccinations and long-time cures are starting to emerge from our scientists.  Americans have always rallied in crisis and as the fear resides, our medical professionals will find a cure for this dreaded pandemic.  At least the fear is diminishing.

The elections are over, more interest in local elections and school board contests.  Winners can attend to business and losers can take a bow for entering the fray.  There is something to remember about politics and that is to not burn your bridges.  Many times you may find yourselves on one-side of an issue with opposing voters, only to find that you agree with them on future candidates or platforms.

The bottom line is to participate and be well-informed.  Reading a local newspaper is a good way to stay informed about local issues. For $1 a week the newspaper arrives in the mail.  Interesting, in October and November,  The Villager hit an all-time high readership with our digital edition.  So, the future includes expansion of the digital package along with the beloved printed pages.

The next few months should be pleasant times with Thanksgiving and  holiday events with family and friends.

We’re going to lighten up the news a bit and continue to promote the many non-profits and holiday events.  

The Broncos can continue to make us really happy!