BARBWIRE BOB – Ramblin’ around the corral with Bob Sweeney

The Broncos are back, what a victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas was favored by 10 points and the Broncos came out bucking and destroyed the Cowboys 30-16. I guess we can live without Von Miller,  maybe we got the best of his career days.

The CU Buffaloes won on Saturday at their Homecoming winning decisively. It was a great day for CU.

 Alas, my beloved Rams fell to the Wyoming Cowboys 31-17. That should please Wyoming graduate George Lantz, Greenwood Village Mayor,  who wrestled for the Cowboys in his younger days.

Cherry Creek High School in the playoffs defending their state championship from last season.   The early playoff game will have the Bruins playing Mountain Vista on Friday, Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. for a home game.


Enjoyed seeing some longtime friends at the Cherry Hills Art Show at city hall last week.    One of the shining stars at the Art Show was Linda Kelly who picked up a first-place ribbon for her paintings.  Linda is the wife of legendary hotelier Richard “Doc” Kelly, now retired president and CEO of Outrigger Hotels, and long- time Cherry Hills resident with his business/artist partner wife Linda Kelly.   Linda showed two paintings, “Julia Rose-Itoh Peony” and “Sunflowers,” both painted from flowers in her back yard.

Richard was present to cheer on his wife and tell a few tales about his early days getting started in the hotel business where he rose to the top of the ladder. Richard is a noted author and for many years wrote a weekly company newsletter called “Saturday Briefings,”  to his bevy of hotel employees for 32 years.  Most recently he has published his memoirs, “Paddling the Outrigger, Inspiration and Insights from the Journey of a Lifetime.”  We are eager to read his book  and enjoyed seeing this talented couple at the art show that was so well done.  See The Villager coverage of the event in this issue.


County Commissioner Nancy Sharpe is serving her last few months as an Arapahoe County Commissioner.  There is plenty of time for Nancy to run for Congress, or the State Legislature.  She has served so honorably as Greenwood Village Mayor and 12 years as a County Commissioner.  We should urge her to continue her wisdom and fairness at a higher level.

Recently I met a candidate in next year’s election at her office. Jason Presley is seeking the nomination for that open seat.  We’ll hear more about Jason in the future as election candidates start to emerge and campaign.  


Another candidate for the United State Senate, Joe O’Dea, has started his campaign.  O’Dea is a Republican and a  longtime Denver business owner.  I see Buck Hutchinson supporting  O’Dea, that tells me he must be a supporter of the National Western Stock Show.  Buck is one of the leaders of that event.  Denver voted down a Stock Show bond issue last week which comes as a shock to the organization.  No doubt  they will rebound quickly and continue the major show revitalization project with great teamwork working with CSU expansion on the stock show property.  Appears they didn’t do their homework on this election issue. Where is Pat Grant when we need him?


I had lunch with John Madden at Del Frisco’s, his favorite restaurant. He is planning on staying in Denver most of the winter. His prize penthouse is listed with Helm, Weaver, Helm.  John is a legendary business leader and a strong supporter of The Boy Scouts and The University of Denver where he is held in very high regard.  


Enjoyed a  7 a.m. breakfast with the Denver Monaco South Optimist Club that meets weekly at the American Legion Post at Yale and I-25.

This active group has ordered 3000 Christmas trees and will start selling them right after Thanksgiving.  This is the clubs annual fund raiser and they  donate the profits to various area schools.  Not sure of the sales lot location but will print it next week.  Christmas trees may be in short supply, like everything else this year, and the club reported that they were very fortunate to obtain these fresh cut trees.


I’m getting my Pfizer booster shot next week and while I don’t like putting this vaccine in my body it is better than contracting the disease.   It is a personal decision and being an old soldier they vaccinated us for everything and didn’t ask for our permission. The old motto states, “Ours is not to reason why. Ours but to do and die.” 

How many of us have that smallpox scar on our arm from school days where we just lined up and they scratched in the vaccine? 

The same with polio, we just trusted science and stood in line.


Our hard-working daughter Susan Lanam, who is taking a lead role in running The Villager, is celebrating her birthday on Nov. ll.  She likes the ll/ll date that has some sort of mystical charm to her.  She has been learning about local politics and has made a number of friends in the political world.  Happy Birthday Susan, our youngest daughter and a graduate of Cherry Creek High School and Colorado State University.


A few event reminders: The Mile-High Junior League of Denver Holiday Mart is Nov. 12-14 at the Gates Field House. Tickets  

There will be a downtown Christmas parade  at 6 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 19 at the Streets of Southglenn with activities from 5 to 8 p.m.  The Villager newspaper now offices in the complex with the South Metro Denver Chamber with great stores, restaurants, a library, theater and abundant parking here.


Christmas is on a Saturday this year; do your shopping in local stores and malls.  Keep your dollars here locally where sales tax dollars flow to local schools and cities.