KINDLING – CANDIDATE ENDORSEMENTS: Looking back at Greenwood Village over 40 years

We’ve been publishing our newspaper in Greenwood Village for 40 years come December 2, 1982 and have never missed an edition.  Legal newspapers of record have to  publish every week with the only excuse being an “Act of God.”  I once appeared in Walsenburg, Co. as an  expert witness why a local newspaper missed a week publishing because of a blizzard.  The newspaper won the case.

Looking back through the years the most exciting times were the Poundstone era following the footsteps of John Madden and George Wallace.  Two visionaries that designed and constructed the boundaries of Greenwood Village.  Madden on the West side and Wallace on the East side.   Back in the days the residents of the West side were vocal and bold in attempting to stop the development of the rural areas.  Koebel was eventually able to build the prestigious Preserve, but only after failed attempts that included a golf course surrounded by homes.  The demise of the area prairie dogs brought the Denver TV stations to the council chambers.

Freda Poundstone fought hard for the city and turned a GV closet into an office and was criticized by outside media for the effort.  She was one of the best mayors that Greenwood Villager ever had.  She is gone, but not forgotten in the history books as one of the leaders responsible for the establishment of the Cherry Creek Schools district.  The famous “Poundstone Amendment”  put a stop to Denver annexation and school busing  leading to local schools.

George Wallace and John Madden had the dream and desire to design awesome buildings, parks, and museums with quality always first and foremost. Greenwood Village needs to maintain this excellence. We can thank George and John for this great city that has been very successful over the years, it does not need to change now.

The Villager has participated in all of the growth.  Ed Phillipson, one of our very first resident reporters, would hound the council regularly on transparency and opposing executive sessions that were pretty loose decades ago. New laws now enforce guidelines for these executive sessions that are largely followed by councils.

We now come to the largest city council election in history in Greenwood Village. 15 candidates are seeking election or re-election.

The Villager covered the candidates and spearheaded a forum hosted by this newspaper, the South Metro Denver Chamber, and The League of Women Voters of Arapahoe & Douglas Counties.  The Forum was held at the AMG National Trust Bank located in Greenwood Village.  We paid to have the session recorded so residents could see and hear the session along with the newspaper’s extensive coverage. 

It is interesting to see other cities dealing with city council elections.  Aurora is in turmoil with a split council 5-5 with conservatives and progressives unable to work with each other, creating a city gridlock.  Constant criticism of the police force by the local Sentinel newspaper has added to the drama.  Two conservatives are seeking election, restaurant owner and military veteran, Danielle Jurinsky, and business owner and citizen advisory budget committee member, Dustin Zvonek.  We certainly endorse these two candidates.

In Littleton, take your pick, they all are on record to increase the city sales tax to 8 percent; seems ridiculous  in light of the pandemic that has forced many business firms in the city to close.  The tax was increased to a higher level in opposition to the recommendation of the local business community. The city is also electing a mayor by a citywide vote rather than a council selection. Few duties are outlined for the mayor, with strong city management in place.

Turning to the Greenwood Village election that we have been following closely both in news events, coverage, and advertising, we have reached a time for endorsements with careful consideration.

It is also now time for community residents to VOTE.

The Villager endorses:

DAVE BULLOCK, incumbent, always engaged with residents
PAUL WIESNER, experienced native with vast experience

ANNE INGEBRETSEN, incumbent, bright and experienced
DAVE KERBER, incumbent, strong minded, a leader

DONNA JOHNSTON, incumbent, listens well, involved in her district 
LIBBY BARNACLE, incumbent  fiery and effective, serves district

JEFF REIMAN, articulate, lawyer, teacher, new voice and ideas
TOM STAHL, long service to city, outstanding candidate

Greenwood Village is an upscale, very successful community, largely single-family residents with sound management and keen interest in zoning, traffic challenges related to growth, and very supportive of security and police officers. 

To the challengers, welcome to local politics. Running for office can be difficult and demanding, often times controversial.  Experience in city government is important and should be considered by voters. This is a learning experience and an invitation to be involved, to learn, and to bring new ideas and concepts to the city.  Stay involved in your community.  Remember that Abraham Lincoln lost 14 elections before becoming president of the United States.