BARBWIRE BOB – Ramblin’ around the corral with Bob Sweeney

It seems that the Broncos don’t get rolling until the last quarter. Another disappointing loss on Sunday.  Teddy Bridgewater does not seem to be the same player since he suffered his concussion. 

The defense allowed 34 points and that wasn’t all Bridgewater’s fault.

Games are exciting and the season is still  early, but much work to do.


Sad note to read the passing of Denver Bronco great running back Otis Armstrong who thrilled many of us with his all-pro play for the Broncos from 1973 to 1980, playing in two pro-bowls.

Great to see local restaurant owner and Bronco Super Bowl  winning coach Mike Shanahan being inducted into the Broncos’ Ring of Fame this week.  He is a great Irishman and brought great pride to Denver and Colorado.


The Cherry Creek Bruins suffered an upset last week losing to Arapahoe 13-10.  This may dampen a five-time bid for the state football championship title.


Greenwood Village city election is in full swing. Letters from powerful people mailed to voters favoring incumbents and challengers pushing back with their own literature.  I’m reminded of the definition of libel that goes something like this, “If you write or print something that you know is false to hurt someone it can be deemed libelous.”  The libel law is very liberal when it comes to politics and public figures, almost non-existent, but there is a law covering libel.

The law is important for newspapers to check facts and attempt to find the truth.  If we know something to be false and is aimed at harming a person’s reputation or character we reject printing it.


Ballot issues are important.   The Villager suggests supporting Arapahoe County’s ballot issue 1A to continue the current 1/4 of 1% sales tax for parks and recreation.  This is not a new tax but a continuation of these funds for the great outdoors and the heavy usage by the pubic in park and recreation venues.  

Previously I was in favor of Amendment 119 increasing the taxes on marijuana by 5% with funds used for financial aid for tutoring and out-of-school enrichment and instruction.  But after reading a letter from former State Senator Norma Anderson in The Denver Post Sunday edition she advised that passing this new tax will take money away from the  State Land Trust fund  thereby hurting funding for public education.  I researched a ballot guide from the Common Sense Institute that said the following:  “Under the LEAP ballot measure, fewer state land dollars will be transferred to the State Land Trust.  As a result, the State Land  Trust’s principal will not grow as quickly as it otherwise would, and the State Land Trust will produce less interest that could be used to support the K-12 education system.” The LEAP proposition also creates another expensive tier of government to administer the program.  I’m changing my mind and will be casting a NO VOTE to protect our K-12 public school finance system.


The election for the Cherry Creek Schools District has tightened, with spirited campaigns waging. This school election is the most heated in memory over controversial measures that include wearing of masks, diversity, and critical race theory.  This is a very important election and voters need to examine candidate statements very  closely. Many parents are speaking out loud and clear!

School board members serve many hours without compensation and it is a challenging position with so many concepts about education.

I prefer to leave history alone and not be rewriting the past.  We learn about the past to make improvements in the future.