How To Grow New Healthy Bone! [Bone Resorption Urine Test – Safe, Effective & Radiation Free]

Whether suffering from a bone disease, like osteoporosis, or interested in maintaining healthy bone and preventing bone diseases, this article is for you.  

I have successfully helped our clients reverse their bone disease processes, restore and maintain optimal bone health and prevent bone disease, utilizing Clinical Nutrition Testing and Therapy.

To identify the need for new, healthy bones and to monitor our client’s progress, I use a safe, non-invasive, “radiation-free,” reproducible, and effective urine test, called Bone Resorption.  The Bone Resorption Urine Test is a measurement of Collagen Cross-Linked N-Telopeptide (NTx) and Creatinine.  Bone resorption is the destruction of bone tissues that promotes bone loss, which is a decrease in bone mass and bone density.

WHAT IS NTx?   N-terminal telopeptide (NTx) measures the bone breakdown rate, is a bone metabolism biochemical marker, and is the most sensitive and specific indicator of bone resorption.    Abnormal values indicate your risk of bone loss and fracture, as well as thinning and weakening of bones, which is medically known as osteoporosis.  NTx is measured from a blood or urine sample; however, NTx is not included in routine urinalysis.   For me, and you, urine is my preference (no needles!).  LOL   

Bone Resorption urine test values in optimal range indicate your collagen cross-linked bone fibers are still intact and you have strong, healthy bones.   Whereas, abnormal test values indicate broken particles of these bone fibers are present in your urine.  When bone fiber breaks down, the body removes them through urine.  The further your test values are out of optimal range, the weaker and unhealthy your bones become, and, in time, lead to any number of bone-related diseases. 

WHAT IS CREATININE?  The Bone Resorption Urine Test also includes testing Creatinine, the end product of creatine metabolism.   Creatine is present primarily in muscle and the amount produced relates to total skeletal muscle mass, which are the muscles that connect to your bones and allow you to perform a wide range of movements.  Daily Creatinine production is fairly constant except when there is a massive injury to a muscle.  Blood levels and daily urinary excretion of Creatinine fluctuate very little in healthy people.  

CLINICAL NUTRITION BUILDS NEW BONE:  In Clinical Nutrition, Bone Resorption urine testing helps me monitor the repair, rebuilding, or regrowth, of new bone, bone metabolism, bone health maintenance, and prevention of bone diseases.  I have observed abnormal Bone Resorption Test values return to normal values as early as six months.  Though the time required varies per individual, the good news is that “building new healthy bones is possible through Clinical Nutrition Testing and Therapy. 

DEXA SCANS DO NOT TEST BONE QUALITY:  To diagnose bone diseases, physicians have traditionally used the Bone Density Test; a Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, also referred to as the DEXA or DXA Scan.  However, a DEXA Scan is measuring bone density NOT bone quality.  Bone Resorption urine tests both.  

In reviewing DEXA scan reports submitted by my clients over the past years, along with the results of their Bone Resorption urine lab report, I have observed clients who had “unfavorable” DEXA scan results and yet their Bone Resorption urine lab reports were “favorable,” i.e., within “normal” range.   

Thus, I conclude the porous bone observed from a DEXA scan may be caused by toxins that align and adversely affect the surface of the bone, thus making it porous and less dense; however, the toxins have not reached the cross-linked fiber within to compromise the strength and quality of the entire bone itself. Remember, the Bone Resorption urine test measures whether the cross-link fibers within the bone, which makes it strong, are still intact, or breaking down.  

Thus, the benefit of Clinical Nutrition Testing and Therapy for bone health is that I am able to identify and then provide the therapeutic nutrients your body requires to 1) remove these toxins from the surface of the bone, and 2) repair and/or grow new bone tissue to restore its collagen cross-links, in the event, that your Bone Resorption urine test results are not within an optimal health range.  

PETITE WOMEN OFTEN FAIL THE DEXA SCAN or have lower DEXA scores.  Therefore, the Bone Resorption urine test has finally provided these women with an effective test to monitor their bone health, not available before.

DEATH FOLLOWS HIP FRACTURE within a year for men, according to the Mayo Clinic, and is possible within five years for men and women, according to late Dick Versendaal, D.C, Ph.D. (Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition), due to its adverse effects on the heart.  So, restoring and maintaining optimal bone health through Clinical Nutrition Testing and Therapy is essential to life itself. 

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Dr. Smith is the owner of ADVANCED CLINICAL NUTRITION (Est. 1981) in Wichita Falls, Tx, with clients residing in 37 U.S. states and seven international countries.  Since opening her business, she has continued to hold a successful track record of over 90% in helping her clients improve their health. 

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