GV housing is 46% multi-family, but how?


This GV property is counted as multi-family in the city’s calculations. Photo by Freda Miklin

During the Greenwood Village city council forum on September 27, incumbent Anne Ingebretsen, who represents GV district two, said that 46% of all housing in GV is multifamily, adding, “That is more per capita multi-family housing in Greenwood Village than exists in Denver.” Dave Kerber, the other district two incumbent, said, “Glendale is the most dense multi-family (city in Colorado) and they have one single-family house. We’re (GV) next at 45% (multi-family).”

The Villager asked the city what those percentages were currently, according to their records. They provided a spread sheet containing all 6,775 GV residential addresses, but declined to answer the question so we dug into available records and found the official Greenwood Village Housing Data analysis prepared in 2016 that contains the 54% single-family and 46% multi-family calculations that councilmembers often quote. 

According to that analysis, there were 6,964 total housing units in GV in 2016. According to the list that the city provided to us, there are a total of 6,600 housing units currently, or 364 fewer than in 2016, plus 175 rooms in two senior living facilities where residents pay monthly rents. 

Further research disclosed that in September 2015, the GV city council made the decision to put all GV housing units into only two categories, single-family detached and multi-family. The multi-family category is a conglomeration of both owned homes and rental apartments. It includes: 1) owned single-family attached homes; 2) owned townhomes; and 3) owned condominiums, in addition to rental apartments and rented rooms in senior living facilities. The breakdown of owned versus rental units within the multi-family home category on the 2016 Greenwood Village Housing Data analysis was 1,965 rental units and 1,234 owned multi-family units. New construction of residential housing in GV during the past five years has been limited.

For those who have lived in GV or driven through it regularly and are surprised at the 46% rate of multi-family units, we found another GV document from 2017 that provides some insight. That analysis broke down the amount of area occupied by property designated as single-family detached homes versus multi-family housing. According to that analysis, of the 4.42 square miles that contain all the residential housing in Greenwood Village, 91% contains single-family homes and 9% contains multi-family homes.