GV council candidates focus on the positive

By Freda Miklin
Governmental Reporter

Two hours and eighteen minutes into the September 27 Greenwood Village candidate forum sponsored by the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, the League of Women Voters of Arapahoe and Douglas Counties (LWV), and The Villager Newspaper, there was a moment during which the smoothly-running evening threatened to go off the rails when some purported tweets were read aloud and candidates were directly challenged to respond to them. Calling on her long experience, LWV moderator Vicki Harimon asked for civility, then made a quick pivot and said, “I’m going to change the script.” She challenged all the participants to, “Tell me a positive aspect of Greenwood Village in one sentence.” 

The candidates from district four spoke first. Tom Stahl said, “It is a very safe place to live. Jeff Reiman said, “It remains, at its core, the place that my wife and I with our kids moved to 27 years ago, offering the advantages of open space, proximity to Denver…” Jeff Leitner offered, “There is more cultural diversity in this city than we realize and we should celebrate it more than we already do.” Judith Hilton declared, “It’s a beautiful place to work, live and play, and the most beautiful are the people.”

From Kendall Kappler in district 3, we heard, “Greenwood Village is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.” Donna Johnston said, “I think Greenwood Village is an extra special place and I’d like to keep it that way. We are doing a good job of keeping it safe.” Paul Baumann contributed, “I for one am fond of Greenwood Village because my kids and my family are happy here.” Said Libby Barnacle, “It is safe. Our parks and trails are next to none and our schools are exceptional.”

Dave Kerber from district two, replied, “Greenwood Village has parks with views that people pay money to come to Colorado to see.” From Anne Ingebretsen came, “The residents of Greenwood Village are passionate and engaged in their city.” The third and final candidate from district two, Bob Doyle, offered, “It’s a great community to live in.”

Paul Wiesner was the first challenger from district one to respond. He said, “If there’s three feet of snow, I know I can get my kid to school.” Matthew Schulz answered, “It has the small town feel like I was raised in a small town in Minnesota.” From district one, Victoria Aguilar expressed, “The people that I’ve come to know here, particularly in my community, share many of the same values that I do.”