Centennial City Council has races in three districts out of four


 Since it is a city with four-year staggered terms, the stint of one of Centennial’s two city council members in each of its four districts ends every two years. If that person has served one term, he or she can be re-elected. Two terms is the limit. 

 In 2023, incumbent Centennial City Council members who have served one term and are standing for re-election are Christine Sweetland in District 2, Richard Holt in District 3, and Donald Sheehan in District 4. There is no incumbent in District 1 because the current occupant of the seat, Candace Moon, is term-limited.

There are two candidates for the open seat in District 1, Amy Tharp, a recently retired teacher and instructional coach at Littleton Public Schools, and Andrew Spaulding. We were unable to locate any information or a campaign website for Mr. Spaulding. 

In District 2, incumbent Christine Sweetland has two opponents, Kevin Biehl, a global community strategist and community organizer, and Rick Rome, a civil engineer. 

District 3 incumbent Richard Holt is being challenged by Valdan Vandemark, a sales manager. 

Only one incumbent, District 4 Council Member Don Sheehan is unopposed in his bid for re-election.

Additional information on the election can be found on the city website, www.centennialco.gov. 

On Monday, September 25, Centennial Council of Neighborhoods (CenCON) will hold a candidate forum for all candidates running for Centennial City Council, including those who did not obtain the required signatures from registered voters and hope to be elected as write-ins, at the Arapahoe Library District Administration Building located at 12855 E. Adam Aircraft Circle from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. CenCON plans to include a Zoom option.

Questions about the forum should be directed to Andrea Suhaka at 303-770-0058 or standy@ecentral.com. She will also send a copy of the Zoom recording upon request.

CenCON’s meeting notice acknowledged that the forum is being held on the Jewish High Holiday of Yom Kippur, but says they were not aware of that when they scheduled it and it is not feasible to change it “because the fourth Monday of the month is our regular meeting time.”

C.J. Whelan is the president of CenCON. His contact information is listed on the flyer as cjw@cjwhelan.org or 303-694-4065.