Botanic Gardens Fête des Fleurs Rains & Shines

By Steven Weisberg

This year’s Fête des Fleurs gala at the Denver Botanic Gardens on Friday, August 23rd, 2023 began with rain and luckily changed to clear skies in time for patrons to move across the gardens to various dining areas outdoors. The 700-plus attendees enjoyed a vivacious cocktail period inside including live music played at a volume that did not challenge conversations. Event co-chair Lindsay Morton Gaiser confirmed with a smile that fellow co-chair Mareill Kiernan came aboard of her own free will as opposed to being drafted via social persuasion. Morton has served on committees since 2018 and is an owner of one of the lead sponsors, the long-established Andrisen Morton clothing store in Cherry Creek North.

Black-tie attire by the men was very high and almost to the level of the local debutante balls. Scott Sepic and his wife Page Sepic were socializing with their friend Liza Coughlin. Madeline Couzens, Melinda Couzens, and Kara Couzens cheerily confirmed being regular attendees. Brighty Bradley and Chris Davis were among the last to leave the reception hall and join one of the lines for the seated dinner. 

Among the many sponsors were GH Phipps Construction Companies (partnering since 1964), and electric car vendor Polestar Denver with a show room in Cherry Creek North. More information on the event is available at