2023 Lexus IS 500 F Sport boasts 472 hp

I was driving a Lexus 5.0 V8 IS 500 sedan with 472 horsepower on the Central City parkway leading to that historic city. 

I spotted a fast-moving red sedan trailing me.  The driver pulled up adjacent, and apparently wanted to drag race. He took off and I moved the drive mode to Super S, and immediately took after him, but just for a moment.  Thinking better of smoking that car and driver, I quickly abandoned the pleasure of leaving that car in my rearview mirror.

That’s what you encounter when you’re behind the wheel of a “”Infrared” bright red sports car on an open mountain road.  I have no doubt that this V8 could have easily surpassed the dual exhaust sports mystery car with the driver waving “goodbye out his window.   

Meanwhile, I  just purred along  the scenic highway listening to the hum of the V8 engine and the 17-speeaker Mark Levinson audio system.  It is rare these days to get a V8 engine, with rear wheel drive, and an eight-speed transmission with paddle shifter.  This F-Sport model would have made the Tahara, Aichi, Japan crew happy if I would have smoked that red upstart car,  but I don’t break the rules or laws,  driving factory test vehicles.

The “Infrared” paint is immaculate on the sleek F-Sport frame.

However, on 90-degree days that bright red paint really attracts the warm fall sunshine,  but the air conditioning and ventilated cooling and heating seat option was a blessing. 

3 modes; Eco, Sport S/and Sport S+. I used the middle range for freeway and hill climbs, and the eco for  cruising on flat highway and in city traffic. Driving frugally, most of the time,  I achieved 25 mpg. highway mileage that is tops  for a V8 engine.  The eight-speed transmission is efficient and driving in the “eco mode” I had more than enough power and acceleration on the E-470 racetrack where most driver are exceeding the 75 mph. speed limit.  With years of driving, I’ve never observed so much traffic day, and night, and most of it surpassing the speed limits. 

The Lexus F-500 is a fast sport car with bucket seats and knobs for tuning sound and stations, that is appreciated. Temperature controls were  easy made with the swipe of a finger on the control for heat, or cooling changes.  Surprisingly, and maybe I just didn’t find it, but no UBS charging station for I-phones.  

Safety on the highway is very important and the F -500 has a perfect all-around five-star safety rating.  New electric cars don’t have higher  safety ratings, lacking an engine in the front of the car, giving further protection in forward crashes.  The F-500 has the Lexus Safety System that includes about every safety measure invented.  I’m fond of  rear cross-traffic and pedestrian alerts, so useful at the grocery parking lots.

Sports cars are expensive,  and the F-500 basic price is $65,475. with an additional $2,450 for 19” matte black forged wheels and $595 for that bright shiny red premium paint.  If you want a flashy and fast hot car that attracts attention, this is a model for your consideration and driving pleasure.

I kind of wish I had smoked that other car.