2023 Volkswagen ID.4 is all-electric model

The brand-new model VW is a technological homerun.  So many controls with a unique transmission turning a knob on the steering wheel column for gear choice.

This is by far the most complex and advanced VW that I have ever enjoyed driving, after a long list of  “Beatles” experiences.

The ID.4 is an SUV style, larger than smaller VWs.  The major impact of this vehicle is that it is 100 percent battery driven, no fossil fuels in this advanced model.  The appearance, attractive cabin, and a 62/ Kwh-Lithium-ion single electric motor, with rear-wheel drive the  source of momentum.  The ID.4S has four-wheel independent suspension and electric power steering.  It has perfection on highway drive handling, never seeing a curve it didn’t like.  Special nighttime and fog lighting, along with the latest overall LED lights.

This is a “smart” vehicle, loaded with advanced electronics and technology. Along with the many new  innovations the ID.4S earns an overall five-star safety rating.  Attractive appeal  is the final assembly of this vehicle in Chattanooga, TN. with the engine and power train made in the USA. 

This vehicle has it all in safety, technology, innovation, and comfort with V-Tex leatherette seat surfaces. Front seats have 12- way seat adjustment controls and four-way lumbar support with massage memory and function. 

I had to consult the manual for some instruction, including heating and cooling information. The air conditioning works well but has an impact on the overall driving range of the vehicle.  The range is rated at 209 miles on a full charge of six-hours.  Driving up mountain highways with air conditioning,  the mileage drops fast.  Likewise, coming down mountain’s mileage increases especially when braking on steep grades.  The technology allows the car to apparently use hybrid friction technology to generate and conserve power.  

The ID.4S is a masterpiece of new technology, somewhat difficult to adjust to initially, but once into the engineering designs and changes this is an exciting new concept in how vehicles may look and operate today, or later.

The challenge isn’t in the engineering  but in the power supply source.  Drivers must find a charging station that is compatible to the brand, and not in use.  A six-hour charge is a long time for a 209-mile driving experience.  The bottom line, this is a well-designed effective electric motor vehicle that can be an excellent commute drive to work. Beware of a trip that is uphill on a hot day, in rural Colorado with unknown charging locations and compatibility to the electric brands.  

Electric cars are very effective, very fast, smooth to drive, and loaded with the latest technical and safety features.  The challenge seems to be in the power source,  availability, location, price,  and cost of energy.  The principle of using electric motors to drive the car is working magnificently, but refueling is challenging and improving slowly.  A road trip in an all-electric vehicle may be a challenging experience.  Presently, I  prefer the hybrid vehicles with gasoline  engines and battery components achieving high mileage.

The new 2023 ID.4S is an innovative step into the future.