What Is Generally NOT Known About Acid Reflux!  (Part 2 of 2)

[Including its Role in Developing Degenerative Diseases!]

In Part 1 of this 2-Part article, I shared the first of three causes of Acid Reflux that you may not be aware of and explained how the body produces Acid Reflux.  So, let’s continue with Cause #2…

CAUSE #2:  The dietary lifestyle practice of drinking water or any beverage with food is another cause of Acid Reflux.  

If you spilled acid from your vehicle’s battery onto your driveway, you would dilute the acid with water until it is safe to walk on again. 

Drinking water or other beverages with solid food dilutes the gastric acids released into your stomach to digest it, just like water dilutes battery acid.  Diluting the quantity and strength of your gastric acids causes undigested, fermented, and rotted food to remain in your stomach as described in Part 1 of this 2-Part article.  This is also another cause of protruding stomachs.

CAUSE #3:  The reason Diet is listed in Part 1, among the most commonly known causes of Acid Reflux, is because consuming a higher ratio of acid-forming foods to alkaline-forming foods produces over-acidity, leading to Acid Reflux, other acid-related conditions and in time, degenerative diseases, even cancer.  

MARY HAS NO MORE ACID REFLUX:   Mary suffered from Acid Reflux every day for 19 years, despite the Proton pump inhibitor drugs her physician had prescribed. Three weeks after an internet search helped her find me, she had no more Acid Reflux.  Even now, over a year later, she still does not have Acid Reflux.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TAKE DRUGS FOR ACID REFLUX?  Anti-acid drugs create an alkaline environment in the stomach, i.e., they neutralize the bad acids from undigested, fermented, and rotted food AND the good acids, the gastric acids being produced by the stomach lining to digest your food.  And acid-stopping drugs, like Proton pump inhibitors, block the enzyme in the stomach lining that produces gastric acids.  

NUTRITION FACT #26: ‘At least 99% of those suffering from Acid Reflux, in reality, are suffering from too little (and diluted) gastric acids.’ [Dr. Janet Lang, 2003]

In time, the digestive system becomes weaker and weaker, as well as increasingly toxic, and unable to digest, absorb, and transport the nutrients from food to the cells.   

Digestive dysfunction from alkalizing drugs, and insufficient, diluted gastric acids, in time, causes all cells to become malnourished.  

Malnourished cells, then decay (rot) and die, which 1) attracts worms and germs [viruses, bacteria, etc.], 2) increases overall body acidity and toxicity, 3) becomes sources of inflammation (pain), 4) starts the process of developing degenerative diseases, and 5) creates the internal environment for cancers to feed on and proliferate. 

SOLUTION TO ENDING ACID REFLUX:  The solution to Acid Reflux and 1) to 5) above is the same 2-Step Healing Process I have shared in several articles of The Villager, for any health condition or disease, and that is:  #1 a Clinical Nutrition Analysis (CNA) from testing your biochemistry to identify the nutrients your unique body requires to heal itself and #2 Stop what is interfering with its healing processes. 

Concerning #1 above, as it relates to Acid Reflux, a CNA identifies the specific nutrients you require to produce sufficient gastric acids.  And concerning #2, throughout both parts of this article, I have provided a list of causes and interferences to healing Acid Reflux.

NUTRITION FACT #27:  Being Healthy Requires a Principle-Centered Lifestyle, i.e., one that works in harmony with, instead of against, the principles or laws that govern the healthy function of the human body.  

Acid Reflux is evidence of working against the biochemical laws of the Digestive System.  

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