What Clients Say About Our Clinical Nutrition – Part 1 of 2!

People are often amazed when they experience the fact that Clinical Nutrition safely and effectively helps the body improve, even in areas they thought was not possible.  The science of basic biology tells us that air, food and water are three substances every human body must have or the body will die within minutes (without air) and within weeks (without water or food).  

So, doesn’t it make sense that the quality (pure) and quantity (biochemically-sufficient) of your air, water and food is foundational to improving and maintaining optimal health and the lack, thereof, is foundational in the development of disease? 

THERAPEUTIC SUPPLEMENTATION REQUIRED:  Health improvement is not just about making healthy dietary changes, but requires concentrated, therapeutic whole food supplements that contain the nutrients your body needs to heal itself.  

These specific nutrients are identified through a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of Lab Reports from testing your biochemistry (blood, urine, hair, saliva, stool or genetics). 

DIET CHANGES ALONE ARE NOT SUFFICIENT:   Healthy dietary changes are essential in the maintenance of health.  However, though you may slow down the biochemical processes of degeneration, healthy diet changes are not sufficient alone to provide the concentrated clinically-formulated nutrients your body requires right now to correct “clinical” level deficiencies, toxicity, biochemical imbalances and organ and gland dysfunctions that are producing your current symptoms. 

PURPOSE OF THIS ARTICLE:  So, the purpose of this article, Parts 1 and 2, is to start sharing a brief A-Z overview of the scope of my Clinical Nutrition Testing and Therapeutic Services.  By sharing what our clients say, you can see that, for all ages from head to feet, Clinical Nutrition provides safe and effective therapy for your health concerns, even those that may seem hopeless or that you have suffered with for decades.   

Also, whatever letter the A-Z overview ends with in Part 2 of this article, I will start with the same or next consecutive letter to continue providing A-Z accounts of “What Our Clients Say!” as they appear in future articles.   

With over 40 years of providing successful Clinical Nutrition Testing and Therapy (since 1981), each of these clients in the A-Z overview represents from hundreds to thousands of clients with similar reports.    

ADD/ADHD:  Ryan (10y) had the same health challenges as MaryAnn (9y), except her joint and muscle pain.  You may recall MaryAnn’s case history in my article, “Mommy, I Got My Happy Back!”  (Villager, 04/08/2021, P8).  Symptoms included lack of focus, inappropriate behavior, headaches, fatigue, and Ryan was also hyperactive.  And just like 9-year-old MaryAnn’s 22 symptoms, 10-year-old Ryan’s five (5) symptoms improved 100% and he was also discharged from Clinical Nutrition Therapy after only four months.  

NUTRITION FACT #20:   Children heal faster because they have less years of accumulated toxins and nutritional deficiencies, compared to adults, who have multiple decades. 

ANTI-AGING (DAMAGED, WRINKLED SKIN):  Melynda (50y)Before Clinical Nutrition Skin Therapy, Melynda had 11 Skin Conditions according to her Dermatologist.  The 11th was wrinkles on her face that looked like multiple crossing railroad tracks.  Seven (7) improved in the first month and by the 10th month, all 11 had either improved or healed.  

MELYNDA’S DERMATOLOGIST REPORTED:   Melynda’sDermatologist told her that ‘in 30 years of practice, he had never tested skin that had “no impurities.”  He also said that even with today’s best medical skin care products, available only through doctors, he can affect only ¼ of an inch skin depth compared to our Clinical Nutrition Skin Therapy, which his testing indicated had nourished and detoxified to the cell level of all skin layers.’  

And though we could “obviously” see it, he also scientifically confirmed that Melynda was growing new healthy skin under her damaged, wrinkled skin that was falling away. 

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Dr. Donna Smith holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition, is a Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.), a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.), a Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (C.D.N.), a Canadian-Chartered Herbalist (C.H.) and owner of ADVANCED CLINICAL NUTRITION (Est. 1981) in Wichita Falls, Texas.  

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