Western Stock Show Association Annual Meeting of the Members

The Western Stock Show Association (WSSA) (dba, National Western Stock Show) welcomed the association members to the historic 1909 Stadium Arena for the Annual Meeting of the Members on May 17. 

The annual meeting is the membership assembly and serves as a recap of the 2023 National Western Stock Show and a projection of future goals for the association. 

The meeting was led by Douglas L. Jones, Chairman of the Board, who was re-elected for a fourth time to serve as Chairman. Vice Chairman Barth Whitham, Secretary Mark Gustafson, and Treasurer Bruce Wagner were re-elected as association officers. Pete Coors continues as Chairman of the Capital Campaign, raising funds to be contributed by the association to the National Western Center project and the WSSA Legacy Building, the future world headquarters of the association.

Joining the association officers on the board are  J.J. Ament, Sue Anschutz-Rodgers, Terrance Carroll, Justin Cumming, Don Elliman, Brooke Fox, Dr. Tony Frank, Michael Long, Guy McEndaffer, Nancy Tuor, Ron Williams, and President and CEO, Paul Andrews. Patrick A. Grant serves as Chairman Emeritus; Dr. Marvin Beeman, Director Emeritus; and newly affirmed George “Buck” Hutchison, Director Emeritus.