Tree World Massage Therapy Spotlight

Masseuse on a mission to heal

Quang Nguyen

“Oh my aching lower back, tight shoulders, and tennis elbow”…I whined!  Chronic pain prompted a friend to recommend Tree World Spa to meet Quang.  Over the years I have had fancy massages that I would consider to be high quality.  Quang Nguyen at TREE WORLD SPA took it to a whole new level.  His massage (medium for me) was stellar.   After working for the Hilton – Inverness, in a PT clinic, and with a chiropractor he decided to combine all that experience and knowledge and create his own boutique independent business.  

Quang differentiates himself in how he customizes the massage based on where you are balled up, versus standard moving through the body for a quick once over.  Personally, after years of chronic lower back pain, that 90 minute massage is still doing the trick three days later!  If needed he will stretch you during the massage, and show you how to diminish your pains at home also, and teach WHY and WHERE this pain is feeding the ailments.  Quang is in no rush to get you out the door, (he holds 30 minutes between each appointment) which also keeps him fresh for his clients.  

TREE WORLD SPA is not the place to go if you require a hot tub, meditation room, champagne or lounge before and after.  Go with the anticipation that you will receive an excellent high quality therapeutic massage experience.  If that is the priority for you, go meet Quang.  At my appointment I learned a stretch I can do for my hamstrings that will deeply affect my lower back arthritis pain, and I’ll be darned….it helped.  Albeit, stretching areas that I have ignored for years, with my knee was up by my ear and my foot in the air, I was feeling the stiffness, but he IS motivated to get clients out of pain and is NOT motivated by doing a half job.  Quang is much more interested in helping repair your body so you can live an active pain free life.  

Scheduling is a breeze; you can book an appointment on the website   The last fun tidbit, as you can see from the photo’s is that Quang has his own line of homemade and organic CBD tinctures, lotion, and bath bombs for your home rest and recovery.  His has beautifully scented bath bombs, lotions, foot scrubs, and a pain ointment that is like a holistic Ben-Gay, which did the trick well into the next day.  If you are reading this, it is likely you have some ache or pain somewhere; why not take advantage of the Grand Opening Promotion and go meet Quang before you can’t get in!  We can keep it our little secret! 

First appt 60 mins: $60.00, and 90 mins: $90.00 with two complimentary organic bath bombs.  WWW.TREEWORLDSPA.COM  Quang Nguyen, LMT  219-333-6969 for texting, address is 7332 S Alton Way Suite 13-M, Centennial, 80112 but again, it’s our little secret, right?  

Allison Crouder is our Community Contributor and a realtor with COMPASS, an avid horse lover and a busy mom of four.