A happy trail led me to “Barry’s Boys Night Out V” an 80th birthday bash for Barry Hirschfeld.  At least 500 of his closest friends showed up at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts covered Atrium Sunday night, August 21, 2022.

It was a “Who’s, Who” celebration that actually wasn’t a fund- raiser for candidates for public office.  Most of the guests were either present, or past public officials, including two incumbent United States Senators, Bennet and Hickenlooper.  Mayors Hancock and Coffman were present and enjoying many friends. 

Barry’s fondness for bow ties was prevalent with ties on many golf shirts and guys wearing Bermuda shorts.  It was not a dress-up occasion like Barry and Arlene are veterans at attending, but an evening for his pals to relax, smoke cigars, and drink booze at multiple complimentary bars.  The guests enjoyed carved beef with all the trimmings with Epicurean CEO and founder Larry DiPasquale present and working, a long-time successful veteran of the catering industry.   Barry has the best catering his birthday bash.

It was a “meet and greet” of old friends and challenging to remember names instantaneously.  The Robinson brothers were present, they weren’t drinking their  famous dairy products.

I didn’t encounter Governor Polis because there was a massive crowd. It was really old home week for Barry’s many friends.  They range from many fields of enterprise, politics, philanthropy, and many years of being in family business in the metro area.  Larry Mizel was present wearing a Covid19 mask.

I first encountered Barry at his extensive publishing company on Smith Road 40 years ago when he was printing the nation’s TV Guide on a gigantic press.  His family were early-day printers with Hirschfeld Press once located on Broadway and Cherry Creek.

Down through the decades I have served with Barry on several boards and observed a few habits about him.   He moves fast. If given an assignment, he makes the necessary phone calls before the meeting even ends. He is a  master of efficiency and humility.  Both he and Arlene paint a broad brush across the Denver scene in many capacities.

His birthday party was a reflection of his brilliance, colorful style and successful life with a bevy of friends who tend to follow in Barry’s footsteps of hard work and sweat equity. The best road to success!

Let us all hope that we can make Barry Boy’s Night Out No.V1, at year 85.