THE EYES HAVE IT – Illegal immigration – A winning issue for Republicans

With the midterm elections six weeks away, voters are beginning to pay closer attention to issues that could determine the shade of red or blue that Colorado and the rest of the nation turns next year. Can the Republican party, locally and nationally, focus on issues important to voters? Or will the GOP live up to its reputation as “the stupid party”, losing winnable elections by focusing on unimportant issues?

Along with 40-year high inflation, a recession, energy shortages, fentanyl overdoses, and a foreign policy mess, illegal immigration is an issue now front and center, thanks to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott sending illegal immigrants to self-proclaimed sanctuary cities and states.

Democrats and social media are having conniptions over these Republicans making Democrats, in Alinsky fashion, live by their own rules. These governors, having to manage thousands of illegal immigrants in their states due to the Biden administration’s deliberate choice to ignore sovereign national borders and existing immigration law, are making illegal immigration a major news story, just ahead of the midterms.

Why is this relevant to Colorado? Last week a 24-year-old Weld County Sherriff’s Office deputy was struck and killed in a hit-and-run crash outside Greeley. Democrats want this story to go away without any further exploration. The Denver Post neglected to describe the assailant beyond just the superficial, “Gonzalez-Garcia, who is 5 feet, 7 inches tall and was last seen wearing a dark blue shirt, blue jeans and white shoes.”

Fortunately, Fox News, in an act of journalism lost upon the Denver Post, added to the description, “Police said they found evidence to support that Gonzalez-Garcia was living in the country illegally when they discovered an apparently falsified Green Card and fake Social Security Card in his car.”

Denver and Colorado are sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, supported by Governor Jared Polis and Senator Michael Bennet, meaning that law enforcement won’t report them to immigration authorities. Sanctuary status has consequences, often fatal and almost always preventable and unnecessary if cities and states enforced existing immigration laws, instead looking the other way.

Colorado is leading the nation in fentanyl overdoses and automobile theft, both directly or indirectly tied to illegal immigration. Yet Colorado remains a sanctuary state.

These stories should be a top campaign issue for Colorado GOP candidates, including Joe O’Dea for US Senate, Heidi Ganahl for Governor, and Steve Monahan for Congressional District 8.

Several GOP governors are showing the GOP how to take a stand on a core issues important to Republican and independent voters; illegal immigration, and its downstream effects. Rather than tip toeing around this issue, afraid to incur the wrath of the New York Times or the Denver Post, GOP candidates should be telling voters about the costs and real life and death consequences of illegal immigration.

Then they can tackle inflation, the anemic economy, foreign entanglements, a weaponized justice department, and a host of other issues. But illegal immigration hits close to home. Sheriff’s deputy Alexis Hein-Nutz could be any voter’s mother, daughter, sister, or friend. 

Illegals may be “seeking a better life” but so was Ms. Hein-Nutz, and her better life was prematurely ended due to Democrat’s wanton disregard for law and order. Hopefully the GOP becomes the “smart party” and makes this a top issue in their campaigns.