THE EYES HAVE IT – Early 2024 election predictions

Although the 2024 presidential election is over 2 years away, jockeying has begun for the most powerful job in the world. Typically, the incumbent president has a huge advantage in reelection, but this time may be different given the horrific economic storm of inflation and recession, with no signs of course correction from the current administration. 

Although President Biden may fancy himself a two-term president, making it through one term is iffy given his cognitive decline, spoken word salad, and shaking hands with the air. The Real Clear Politics average has Biden with 37% approval, meaning two thirds of Americans are giving him a thumbs down.

Vice-President Kamala Harris isn’t polling any better with Rasmussen Reports finding that 54% of likely US voters believing she is not qualified for the top job. 

Hillary Clinton may try again, hoping that the third time is the charm, after having lost to Barack Obama and Donald Trump, but why would voter sentiment suddenly change in her favor?

Bernie Sanders would be 82 years old and Elizabeth Warren 75 in 2024. Wouldn’t the Democrats want someone younger? Michelle Obama comes to mind, although she has never held political office and America may not be interested in another political dynasty after the Clintons and Bushes. 

Mrs. Obama is following the playbook of her husband, running from her elite background and lifestyle and creating a cult of personality as filmmaker Joel Gilbert’s new film and book “Michelle Obama 2024” describes. 

Most Democrat governors have a “practice what you preach” problem over COVID mandates they imposed on their state residents, but which they and their families flaunted. California Governor Gavin Newsom is a prime example, yet he is hinting at running.

Our Governor Jared Polis is my dark horse candidate pick. He is a Colorado native, Ivy League graduate, and successful businessman with a net worth of $400 million. He positions himself as a libertarian, for example allowing counties to make their own COVID rules. And most importantly in woke circles, he is openly gay, checking the essential Democrat box of intersectionality, yet doesn’t flaunt it like former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for example. Keep an eye on Polis. 

On the Republican side, Donald Trump is still king, leading the 2024 GOP fields by 20 points in Texas and New Hampshire, although this early polls are hardly predictive, only a snapshot of current sentiment. He is also the most popular politician in America according to a Harvard Caps Harris poll. 

Despite his mean tweets and Queens bluster, he presided over a strong America, economically and internationally, in sharp contrast to the current White House occupant. Other Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may challenge or join Trump on the ticket. It remains to be seen whether “Trump fatigue” will lead GOP voters to say “thanks but no thanks” to the inevitable drama of another Trump campaign and presidency. 

Given the dismal and declining state of America under current Democrat leadership, the 2024 presidential election is for Republicans to lose, which they certainly could given past performances. But the horserace is on and will prove to be an interesting and exciting one.