“Spare A Dime”

In the spirit of Colorado Gives Day, our November Newsletter gives attention to the plethora of non-profits who tirelessly devote their energy, resources and endless hours to making a difference in their community. In particular, we recognize those programs that don’t qualify for the annual Colorado Gives Day for a myriad of reasons. They may be a start-up who haven’t met their income requirements and need an extra lift. Unfortunately, the Centennial Arts and Cultural Foundation falls in that category. In the “spirit of giving” can you “Spare A Dime?”

Your donation on Colorado Gives Day helps us provide our community with:

• Engaging with the City of Centennial and its citizens to bring art to public infrastructure projects

• Exploring future opportunities for art placement in Centennial Center Park and the City’s myriad of trails

• Supporting and promoting music and cultural events through out the city

• Partnering with neighboring cities who have a similar mission