Southlands announces the installation of Volta electric vehicle charging stations

Southlands Shopping Center in Aurora has announced a new partnership with Volta Inc. and will be installing six (6) electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the center this summer. 

“Southlands is pleased to offer its guests the convenience of Volta charging stations for their electric vehicles. Volta provides drivers with a simple and easy way to charge while shopping or dining,” said Martin Liles, Southlands’ general manager.  

“Consumers are increasingly searching for and supporting companies that mirror their own values,” said Dawn Zancan, VP of Enterprise Solutions at Volta. “We’re excited to drive forward in partnership with Southlands to further our goal of weaving EV charging seamlessly into people’s everyday lives.”

Volta’s unique charging stations will feature high-impact, large-format digital screens and will be located at key locations in high-traffic areas around the center.