Second Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame set for Sept. 18

 The very first Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame, held in September of last year, was deemed a resounding success by all that attended. This sold-out event was the first in the nation to celebrate and honor the breadth of work of published authors connected in some way with the state of Colorado.

The next induction of the Hall of Fame will be held September 18, 2021, at the Renaissance Central Park in Denver. Information about the induction, donations, events, board members and future inductees can all be found at

The first gala and induction featured 22 authors that either lived in Colorado or featured Colorado prominently in their work. The inductees included national bestsellers Stephen King, Clive Cussler, and Jerry Jenkins; award-winning science fiction writers Connie Willis and Dom Testa; national icons Madeline Albright and Marilyn Van Derbur; and local authors Margaret Coel and John Dunning. Those that were nominated but died, like national bestseller Louis L’Amour, were represented by their living family members.

The event was considered a resounding success by those who attended, with everyone dining on fine food, chatting among themselves, and emotionally charged speeches were made by Marilyn Van Derbur. To the delight of attendees, mystery writer John Dunning shared his journey, and historical romance author Kris Tualla wowed the crowd. Everyone who attended also went home with a wide array of goodies, from books written by the inductees, to posters that were made exclusively for the event by photographer and fellow inductee John Fielder.

Judith Briles, the founder, CEO, and President of the Hall of Fame Board of Directors, had this to say about the induction. “The 22 men and women inducted last year delivered a WOW factor to the publishing and writing community that envelopes Colorado. Some of the inductees were lifelong residents of Colorado. Others were ‘drop-ins’—coming to workshops or nestling into a mountain hideaway to write. Stephen King transitioned from Maine to live in Boulder for a year as he wrote The Shining, his book set in a fictional hotel in the Colorado Rockies.”

This was only the first of what Dr. Briles plans for the bi-annual Hall of Fame inductions in odd numbered years. Other inductions are planned for authors in Texas and Arizona. Nominations for authors to be inducted are now open to the public on the Hall’s website, public is invited to visit the website, read the criteria for nominations, and nominate authors who they believe would be ideal to include in the 2021 celebration.

The Hall strives to educate the people of Colorado and the country about the stories of the authors who shaped their works using their personal presence and the environment of our State with courage, leadership, intelligence, compassion, and creativity. Inductees are authors who’ve made a major impact on others with their words to make sure their legacies never die.

Judith Briles has published 37 books and has a lifetime of experience within the publishing industry, having experienced the pitfalls and benefits of both self-publishing and traditional publishing. She is the president of AuthorYOU,
a non-profit organization dedicated to helping authors navigate the publishing world and give self-published authors access to publishing resources. Her consulting company, The Book Shepherd based in Colorado, has created over 500 bestsellers for authors.

Information about the induction, donations, events, board members and future inductees can all be found at www.