RCI Hospitality Holdings buys Grange Hall in Greenwood Village 


There is no reason to believe the Grange Hall in Greenwood Village will be the future site of an adult nightclub.

On December 21, 2022, RCI Hospitality Holdings, which describes itself as, “the country’s leading company in adult nightclubs and sports bars/restaurants,” with more than 60 locations, announced that it had purchased the 12,500-square foot Grange Hall in Greenwood Village’s Arapahoe Entertainment District (AED) at 6575 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard, along with the land under it, for $5.2 million. 

Grange Hall owner Troy Guard was reported to have said that RCI had made his TAG Restaurant Group “an offer we couldn’t refuse” for the property, which only began operating just over a year ago after a major remodel of the former C.B. & Potts Sports Bar and Restaurant.

RCI said that its plan “is to add a mini Bombshells kitchen featuring its famous wings and salads as well as many of its popular appetizers, and use the brewery to create its own, signature craft beers for sale in other RCI locations to further differentiate its brands in Colorado.” The company also noted that it had recently announced “the acquisition of sites in Aurora for a Bombshells and in Central City, for a Rick’s Cabaret Steakhouse and Casino.”

The announcement caused some raised eyebrows in Greenwood Village, where some wondered about the company’s long-term plans for the property. Those familiar with GV’s municipal code would have known that sexually oriented businesses are allowed by the city’s zoning code only in the city’s light industrial zone district and only as a special use, requiring a special use permit to be issued by the city council. Grange Hall is located in GV’s mixed commercial zone district, which also carries overlay zoning added in 2019 when the city created the AED.

The language of the AED includes, “alternative development standards for building setbacks, height and open space for preferred entertainment-related uses, while maintaining the rights of the underlying (mixed commercial) zoning district designation…. to promote a vibrant retail area located west of Interstate 25 that is clearly identifiable as a Greenwood Village district.” It also says, “To the extent there is a conflict between the provisions of the underlying zoning district and the AED, the provisions of the AED shall control.”

The AED zoning code language lists preferred uses by right, including “art studios and galleries; craft brewery, distillery, taproom, winery; indoor amusement/entertainment facilities; and entertainment in conjunction with eating and drinking establishments.” It also lists, as a special use, “other entertainment related uses… unless otherwise prohibited.”