Police Foundations for Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills Village, and Aurora deserve your support


A disturbing report appeared late last week about an Arizona telemarketing firm that reportedly kept $2.08 million out of $2.86 million it raised through telephone solicitations on behalf of and with the permission of an organization that calls itself the Aurora Police Association Charitable Foundation (APACF). 

APACF’s website lists no names of officers, directors, or anyone else. Its listing of events had three that occurred in the second half of 2019 and none since or upcoming. It does, however, offer a way to send money.

We reached out to officials of recognized, legitimate police foundations in Cherry Hills Village, Greenwood Village, and Aurora. All of them operate solely for the benefit of the police officers in their cities and spend minimal amounts on overhead. Our goal is to compare their operations to that of APACF. Look for our article next week containing those details.