PMS to MENOPAUSE – Part 4 of 4 [Biological Hormone Back-ups]

JOLENE’s diagnosis of Menopause had been more than two years, when she started Clinical Nutrition Therapy to correct the causes of other health concerns at that time.   So, she was quite surprised to resume regular menstruation again! 

She wasn’t happy about that, as she enjoyed life without menstruation, but she understood that her overall body health was being restored through clinical nutrition therapy, and her lack of menstruation was actually another symptom of being unhealthy, not due to Menopause.

KELLY shared that after eight months of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, all of her menopausal symptoms resurfaced, which is what led her to balance her hormones through our clinical nutrition therapy.  Over the years, a significant number of other female clients have shared with me that they had the same experience. 

In Part 1-3 of this 4-Part series, I have shared information on how Clinical Nutrition Testing and Therapy provide safe and effective solutions for female challenges, such as hormone imbalances, irregular menstruation, long-term menstrual bleeding, severe headaches or migraines, mental and emotional disturbances, endometriosis, prevention of breast and ovarian cancer, and more.  So, now, let’s talk about Menopause.  Menopause is generally defined as not menstruating for 1-2 years.  The months or years leading up to menopause are called perimenopause (or pre-menopause), the years after menopause are called post-menopause, and the most common symptoms are hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, difficulty sleeping and weight gain.

KEYS TO HORMONE BALANCE:  Since opening my business in 1981, I have observed two keys to helping women balance their hormones:   

#1 There are a number of other factors, not just hormone imbalances alone, that lead to the development of the symptoms typically classified as menopausal (women) or andropausal (men). 

Factors such as hormonal interferences from the chemicals, metals, plastics and other toxins ingested through food, water, beverages and drugs and/or exposures from the air and environment.   

#2 The human body has what I call “Biological Hormonal Back-ups” for hormone production.  

In other words, if anything happened, such as an injury or surgery (such as a partial or complete hysterectomy), where the female (or male) reproductive organs were no longer able to produce sufficient Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2) and Estriol (E3), Progesterone or Testosterone (which both genders produce), the thyroid and adrenal glands are designed as biological back-ups to produce these hormones for you.  

However, quite often, by the time their biological back-ups are needed, these glands are exhausted and having difficulties producing their own primary hormones, which can compromise their ability to produce female and male hormones, too.  This is why people begin looking for hormone replacement therapy.

However, a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of the Lab Reports from testing saliva, blood and hair identifies the therapeutic whole food supplements your body requires to 1) produce sufficient hormones on its own, whether they are thyroid, adrenal or female/male hormones, as well as 2) detoxify the chemical, metals and other toxins interfering with hormone production.  

BLOOD HORMONE TESTING IS NOT ENOUGH:  Additionally, testing blood hormones alone does not provide a complete hormonal picture.  For example, hormone levels in the blood may appear normal, yet be deficient at the cellular level, as identified through saliva hormone testing.  

And even if your blood and saliva hormone levels are sufficient, a Tissue Mineral Hair Analysis is essential, because if you do not have the minerals that transport your hormones, they will not get into the cells.  Hormones that do not reach the cells are recirculated back into the blood, which then leads to more blood hormone imbalances.  This is why for a complete hormonal picture, I provide a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of the Lab Reports from testing blood, saliva and hair. 

This concludes my article series on the causes of symptoms and healthy solutions through Clinical Nutrition Testing and Therapy for both female and male hormonal systems.  You may access these articles on our website, through the “Education” Menu by selecting “Villager Publications.”

For hormone balancing, call me at (940) 761-4045, to obtain a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of the Lab Reports from testing your blood, saliva and hair!  First Consultation Free! 

Dr. Smith is the owner of ADVANCED CLINICAL NUTRITION (Est. 1981) in Wichita Falls, Texas, with clients residing in 37 U.S. states and seven international countries.  Since opening her business, she has continued to hold a successful track record of over 90% in helping her clients improve their health, and she can help you, too, no matter where you live. 

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