Phil Weiser is running for re-election as Colorado Attorney General


On June 1, Susan Cooper and Dr. Rick Cohn hosted a fundraising event at their Cherry Hills Village home for incumbent Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, who is running for re-election in November. Also on the host committee for the event were Kim McCullough, Jeff Cowman, Lily Appelman, Eugene Heller, Lisa Hartman, Ed Stein, David Frieder, Darla Daniel, Terrell Mayton, Kim Allegretti, Janet Waidly, Celeste Grynberg and Al Blum. 

Ms. Cooper told The Villager that she trusts Weiser because of his values, explaining, “He is concerned about people’s right to live their life as they choose without government interference, about there being enough water for Colorado’s farmers, individual freedom and women’s rights. He is very concerned about the opiate epidemic that’s killing young people. Phil has defended the Affordable Care Act and prevailed in the case of Colorado Department of State vs. Baca, protecting our election integrity. He is fair and he is brilliant.”