The summer before your first year in college is significant, and it’s no secret. This is a time to prepare for the future while still having a good time with your friends during your final moments in your hometown. We all know I love a good plan, so I decided to make goals for myself right after school was let out.

The first goal is to make money. Like many soon-to-be college students, I would love to go into next year with some extra cash. I plan to do this by babysitting, along with other side jobs.

This year, I have learned that there will always be something going on, so take the job even if it means sacrificing doing something fun with your friends.

My next goal is to make time for my family. This year has been so busy, and I have barely seen them. I know that this time in a few months, I’ll be wishing I saw them more, so I want to take advantage of our time together.

The third goal that I’ve made for myself is to read more. It can get so easy to get caught up in the business of summer, but I have found recently that when I take a few moments out of every day to relax and read, I am overall much happier. If you’re struggling with any book recommendations, please see my previous article!

Next on the list is to stay healthy! I will make sure that a day doesn’t go by without doing some movement. I have loved trying new workout classes in all of my free time. Some of my favorites are Corepower Yoga, Barry’s Bootcamp, and SoulCycle.

The fourth goal is to enjoy our great state. Every summer Colorado has many fun activities, so before I escape to Arizona, I plan to take advantage of all of the great activities around me. This includes going to Rockies games, concerts, hiking, and more!

My fifth and final goal on my list is to get prepared for college. I plan to take summer classes at Arapahoe Community College, but there is much more to do. There are fun things like designing a dorm and registering for rush, and I cannot wait!

I know that leaving my family and friends will be challenging, but I am so grateful to have something this exciting to look forward to. As I prepare for the most significant transition in my life, I am excited to achieve all of my goals this summer!