Parasites (Germs/Worms) – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Part 1 of 2)

Parasites have important role on Earth and, therefore, it is our responsibility to learn how to co-exist, and at the same time, protect our bodies from the invasion and overgrowth of the “bad” and “ugly” Parasites.  

From the first article that I wrote in The Villager (3/25/21), I shared that each subsequent article would build on the knowledge presented in the previous article.  So, an article about Parasites is essential knowledge to build on my last article, titled, “Probiotics Do Not Correct The Cause For Why You Take Them (Dysbiosis)![The Villager, 9/30/21, P22].    Correcting Dysbiosis is one of the first steps to stopping the overgrowth of Parasites in the body and getting rid of them.   

WHAT ARE PARASITES?  There are a variety of Parasites, such as fungi, protozoans (unicellular organisms, like the ameba), bacteria, viruses, insects, worms, etc.  There are good Parasites, bad Parasites and the ugly (deadly) Parasites.  For examples, we have Good Bacteria that helps break down fats and proteins in the digestive system, like Lactobacillus; Bad Bacteria, like Salmonella; and the Ugly, COVID-19.

PARASITES ARE PART OF NATURE’S DESIGN:  There are Parasites with the role of being Nature’s Organic Trash Collectors and Recycling System.  They consume decaying and dead matter, then break it down into a substance that can be used to nourish the soil of the Earth.  You may have observed this activity when you see Parasites feeding on a dead animal on the roadside.  So, Parasites being “Bad or Ugly” only refers to when they are inside the body, not outside it.  Outside, they are healthy facilitators and transporters of decomposition; thus, ensuring a healthy Earth and enabling the healthy growth of the plants that are human and animal food sources.  

SYMPTOMS CAUSED BY PARASITES: Inside, Parasites cause a variety and plethora of symptoms and diseases depending upon where in the body their infestation exists.  Symptoms, such as Fatigue; Food Allergies; GI Tract Disturbances; Hypothyroid and Hypoadrenal Dysfunction; Mental Dyslogia, Lack of Concentration or Recall; Musculoskeletal Stiffness and Pain; Sinusitis; Sleep Disturbances; Sugar Cravings; and Unhealthy Weight Loss, to name a very few. 

OUR GREATEST CHALLENGE is to avoid creating an internal environment that invites Parasites to take up residence within our body.  After all, which came first – the Mosquito or the Swamp!  

As each cell becomes malnourished from ingesting or exposure to toxic substances AND does not receive sufficient nutrients, water and air, the cell starts to decay, thus losing its ability to produce sufficient energy for its healthy function, and then dies.  Disease occurs within an organ when it has more decaying and dead cells and tissue than healthy ones. 

Think of Parasites as having radar – they are tuned into the frequency of low energy, decaying and dead cells and tissue, thus they are attracted to enter the human (or animal) body in search of the cells emitting this low frequency to facilitate its decomposition.   I am sure you would agree with me and that is “I would rather they not try to decompose my body while I am still in it!”    

When the cells of the body stay sufficiently nourished, the cells will produce a high energy frequency that does not attract, but repels, Parasites.  So even if you were to swallow a parasite, it would just pass through your body.  Why?  Because in a healthy body in optimal function, the parasite would be recognized as “foreign” matter, and thus the innate immune defense system would set about eliminating it through the kidneys, bowels, or other body openings.  However, low energy immune cells are challenged to perform this function. 

Think of a garden, the weak plants are infected with many germs, worms and insects, yet the healthier plants, growing right next to them, are Parasite free, and so it is, with all living things, including human beings.

In my next article (Part 2), I will answer the following questions:

How do I increase my cellular energy to stop attracting Parasites?

How do I get rid of the Parasites and decaying, dead cells and tissue already in my body?

And more!   

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Dr. Donna Smith holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition, is a Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.), a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.), a Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (C.D.N.), a Canadian-Chartered Herbalist (C.H.) and owner of ADVANCED CLINICAL NUTRITION (Est. 1981) in Wichita Falls, Texas.  

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