New sports camp’s goal is to teach fundamentals


Coach Scott Shraiberg

Longtime local sports coach Scott Shraiberg, who has led teams from elementary school to college, noticed that kids he saw had only learned the specific skills that applied to the sport and the position they were playing. Often, that led to boredom and burnout, and if that sport didn’t work out, kids weren’t prepared to switch to a different one. 

That led to him starting Fundamental Sports Camp, open to children ages 6 to 12, where they attend for one week at the end of June to help develop the skills they need for any of a number of sports, including football, baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer in a, “friendly, fun atmosphere designed to build skills and create camaraderie with fellow campers and foster a healthy competitive spirit, all while having fun.”

These kids had fun at last year’s camps.

Camps are held at the new South Suburban Regional Sports Complex in Highlands Ranch at 4810 E. County Line Road. For more information, go to