Mazda CX-90 Has Hybrid Crossover Luxury

I have nothing but respect for Mazda, once famous for developing a rotary type of engine that never replaced the standard piston, valve, traditional engines pioneered by Henry Ford.  Today Mazda has engineered and developed an outstanding line of vehicles that includes hybrid models, such as the CX-90 test driven this week.

This combination hybrid system with battery power and gasoline engine produces a powerful drive with 323 horsepower, along with hybrid fuel mileage of 56 mpg, and 25 mpg gasoline mileage.  The eight-speed “Skyactiv,”  transmission blends the drive package perfectly with the two systems.

The CX-90 is one of their luxury models with a multitude of electronic, safety, and comfort features with a manufacturer’s suggest retail price of $58,920 and loaded with optional equipment.

The design and appearance are elegant with premium“Rhodium White” metallic paint. Final assembly in Hofu, Japan with Japanese engine, transmission, and skilled craftsmanship.  This vehicle is loaded with every safety feature, and special option in the current vehicle domain. Adding even new features of front-end cross traffic warnings, along with the rear safety warnings.  Another new feature is “secondary collision reduction,” adding to multiple safety features including frontal, knee, curtain, and side  impact air bags.

Mazda vehicles have many controls, dials, and knobs.  They are fine tuned for diligent drivers who like multiple features such as  the 300-degree view monitor system.  This model features the combination of hybrid economy from the battery system linked to the gasoline engine, the best of  both worlds with no worry about finding a charging station while on the road, or a highway power failure.

The interior features 7-passenger seating, 8-way driver’s seat with lumbar comfort, driver’s seat memory, heated and ventilated front seats with 3-zone climate control, and special 1500v power outlet for mountain camping or home usage.  Paddle steering wheel paddles add to the
Skyactiv transmission, and the “D” mode handles the drive  demands easily.

Riding on 21” alloy wheels and all-season tires, all-wheel drive, and windshield deicer, and heated power mirrors with turn lamps, this vehicle is perfect for Colorado winter drives.  

With the battery PHEV dual hybrid system this is a heavy vehicle. I would recommend  that the Mazda engineers muscle up the suspension system for a softer ride adding to the comfortable first, and second row captain chair seating.

This is an excellent all-around vehicle perfect for families, geared for outdoor winter driving, and outstanding economy with the dual hybrid, gasoline crossover system.  The CX-90 has it all under a power panoramic moonroof. 

A very versatile vehicle.