Mazda CX-50 Is Twin Turbo Challenger

The Mazda CX-50 is a “hot rod” on the freeway with twin-turbo power creating 227 horsepower.  A really good sports car with five passenger capacity.  The “Soul Red Crystal Metallic” paint gives a clue that this CX-50 can handle high-speeds with ease.  Good to have the traffic road sign feature posted on the windshield with speed limits.

There are some drawbacks  at higher speeds; the wind and highway noises are distracting.  But overall, this is a fun car with  steering wheel paddle shifters, and versatile Skyactiv transmission.  The engine and transmission are Japanese, with final assembly in Madison, AL.  Suggested manufacturer’s price at $43,300 with some additional options adding to price increases.

The CX-50 is attractive, well-designed with a handsome appearance.  Acceleration and sharp handling make for an excellent freeway drive.  However, off road the suspension system is stiff leading to a rougher ride and feeling those many spring potholes.

The interior is black and brown with fancy stitching,  leather trimmed seats, and steering wheel.  The radio is controlled by the center console with buttons, not knobs, making channel adjustments more difficult while driving.   A Bose 12 speaker audio system is always appreciated, delivering excellent acoustics.  Mazda vehicles have sharp and exact controls with  the latest electronics.  A full line of safety, navigation, systems add to the driving experience.   

Mazda vehicles are smart, and have very detailed support systems, safety features, and extensive premium plus features.

The CX-50 is a vehicle that can be appreciated by experienced drivers who appreciate performance and driving perfection, especially on freeways.  This CX-50 is an all-around efficient road warrior.