Local control matters! Take action today

Stand Up for Local Decision-Making

We firmly believe that the people who live and work in Centennial should be the ones making decisions for our community. “Home Rule” is a cherished value preserved in our Colorado Constitution, granting cities like Centennial the authority to make planning and zoning choices locally.

Currently, there are three bills—HB24-1152, HB24-1304 and HB24-1313—before the Colorado legislature that threaten to diminish our local control, limiting our ability to make decisions tailored to our community’s best interests and imposing standardized solutions that fail to account for Centennial’s unique needs.

To empower residents to engage, we’ve established an easy-to-use civic action tool for City residents. This tool enables you to send a message to your legislator, urging them to uphold home rule and local control during this year’s legislative session. Take Action Now by visiting centennialco.gov/localcontrolmatters.

These bills would grant the State authority over accessory dwelling units, parking regulations, and land use and zoning without considering Centennial’s unique circumstances. These proposed measures would fundamentally alter the character of our community. Here’s a breakdown of each bill:

HB24-1152: Regulates Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) using a one-size-fits-all approach across the state, disregarding existing local laws that are tailored to our City’s needs.

HB24-1313: Mandates the construction of at least 40 residences per acre near light rail stations. Failure to comply could result in the loss of critical funding for street maintenance and operations.

HB24-1304: Prohibits cities from establishing minimum off-street parking standards for all land use types, effectively eliminating parking requirements for any development. Imagine a development with no parking requirements—where will the cars go?

Learn more about the critical importance of preserving local control and how these proposed bills could impact Centennial’s future by visiting our comprehensive resource page at centennialco.gov/localcontrolmatters.

Stay informed, get involved, and together, let’s protect our community’s autonomy!