Littleton Elks Lodge #1650 Donates Backpacks and Cold Weather Essentials to Homeless Veterans

Troy Erickson, Craig Jorgensen, Bob Keyser, Randy Taylor

With cold weather looming, members of Littleton Elks Lodge #1650 filled backpacks with winter essentials to benefit homeless veterans in the community.

“The outpouring of support from members and friends was amazing,” Bob Keyser PER and State Homeless Veterans Chair said.

What began as a donation from The Salvation Army and discussion on the Lodge floor grew into a collaborative effort with Idaho Springs Lodge and Rolling Thunder Colorado Chapter 1.

Members took backpacks home and filled them with items like hats, gloves, hand warmers, blankets, snacks and socks.

“These backpacks provide critical warmth and comfort to our homeless veterans experiencing extreme cold weather, offering them a sense of support and care during challenging times.”

Over 100 backpacks filled with winter essentials were donated to Bill Daniels Veteran Service Center and the Denver Veterans Community Resources and Referral Center.