Linda Kelley leaves $500,000 to Cancer League Foundation

As most of you know, Cancer League of Colorado lost a dear friend and patron, Linda V.G. Kelley, in 2022.  In this regard, we are thankful and humbled to announce that, as a member of Cancer League of Colorado Foundation’s Endowment of Hope, Linda named the Foundation as a recipient of her estate with a generous, amazing gift of $500,000. This gift is greatly appreciated and will support Cancer League far into the future.

Linda was a dedicated, long-time member of Cancer League. She recognized, in life, the importance of supporting through her estate the Foundation‘s efforts to grow and build a base from which to provide ongoing support for Cancer League to fulfill its mission of finding a cure for, or a means to control cancer.

Please join us in expressing our gratitude to the Kelley Family for Linda’s thoughtful generosity.