Lexus RX-350 F-Sport has turbo power

“Experience Amazing” arrived in the driveway this week with the delivery of a Lexus RX 350 F-Sport all-wheel drive SUV.  The bright blue of the sleek sedan is described as “Grecian Water.”   The ocean must be very blue around those Greek oceans.

The F-Sport is mid-size and has a 2.4L turbo engine linked to a versatile eight-speed transmission with steering wheel paddle shifters. Fuel economy averaged 21.1 overall with freeway and city driving.  

The all-wheel drive vehicle is comfortable to drive, powerful, and loaded with safety features, but not rated yet for safety scores.  However, safety features are many with the Lexus Safety System; lane tracing assist, curve speed management, departure alert, blind spot monitor, and cross traffic alert. 10 airbags make up the total safety package.

An interesting sidelight… the car is equipped with a camera, apparently aimed at the driver.  A message comes on the dash screen, “ Your eyes are closed” as an alert,  a second message, “cannot detect your face, sit up.”  Never had a vehicle observing the driver.  My eyes weren’t closed, and I raised the steering wheel so the camera could see my face that was partially hidden.

The RX-350 has a 9.8-inch screen that operates like a computer and the driver can scroll music selections, artists, and popular songs.

Usually the screens don’t scroll, but this is the latest improvement, just don’t go scrolling while driving at high speeds on E-470.

I found the entertainment system somewhat hard to navigate but under constant ownership, just a matter of figuring out what buttons to push, or what computer app to tap.  Sound and station controls are located in the steering wheel frame for easy hand control.  Again, the auto industry is pushing center dashboard screen controls, but as a result, there is an alarming number of front-end collisions based upon I-phones usage and/or central console trolling while driving.  

Another safety tip is to always adjust the rearview mirrors before driving.  While this Lexus has blind spot warnings, it is very important to have those rearview mirrors placed exactly with the seat positioning.

The F-Sport rides on 21” alloy wheels, rides higher, has a full sliding  panoramic moonroof, roof rails, and a power lift truck.  The truck space is adequate, but not spacious.

There is a long list of special options from a base price of $56,600 upward, with additional features like triple beam LED headlights at $1,565.  The options are nice and add to the overall comfort and value of the vehicle to suit consumer tastes and pocketbooks.  

The RX-350 has final assembly in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Overall, the vehicle is  comfortable, attractive, turbo acceleration, and has strong safety systems. 

Lexus is a solid chose.