Lexus LS500 FSport has beauty and brawn

There are cars and then there are cars, like purchasing steak versus hamburger, the price varies with the quality, pocketbook, and taste of the consumer.  Present day automobiles are survivors of a long list of vehicles that have been replaced, renamed, or retired.  In driving a wide assortment of models in today’s very competitive market, almost every car and truck manufactured today are good. Price depends upon size, model, shape, brand, options, and what the profit market might demand from the factory and dealership.

The point is, you pay for what you get, in most cases.  The more options, horsepower, luxury, hybrid technology, branding, the manufacturer’s suggested list price spells out the price. Dealership sales may reduce, or in some case, charge extra for vehicles in high demand.

The secret of purchasing a new vehicle is to get the best vehicle, with the most options, at the most reasonable price and payment terms.  

The latest test car is a Lexus LS500 all-wheel FSport model that has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $83,235, with three additional options of a Mark Levinson surround 23-speaker sound system, head’s up sign display, and a panoramic glass roof bringing the price to $88,545.  This vehicle is superb, worth every dollar in design, performance, and comfort; what a pleasure to ride and drive.

The power train is the best, featuring 3.4L/ V6, with twin turbo 416 horsepower.  A ten-speed transmission with steering wheel paddle shifters adds to the power train success.  A knob on the upper dash allows the driver to select a super-sport, normal, comfort, or eco, choices.  I would use the sport mode for entering ramps and freeways, mountain uphill drives, and eco for highway cruising and downhill drives back from the mountains.  The sports mode has a growl when accelerating that is like music to hear when the car rockets forward with the turbo acceleration.  With careful gear and mode selection the LS500 averages 27 mpg highway and a 21 overall fuel consumption with a gas tank memo only to use premium fuel.

Aside from the sports car features, the car has every bell and whistle in technology, comfort, and drive assistance.  The brake system has a six-piston front and four-piston rear brake calipers, matching the ability to stop the car as quickly as it can accelerate. Overall, the FSport has ten air bags to the Smart Stop technology.

This is a luxury sedan that is spacious inside, stylish outside, with “Atomic Silver” paint, the latest LED lighting, and 20”/alloy dark vapor chrome finish wheels.

Test driving this car was a real treat.